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DON'T PURCHASE | By: schubill

Webscribble sites Do not work!!! I purchased their job board site and was lied to several times. The site was suppose to be up in days and it's now 3 months later and they keep asking for more and more money and yet no site to show for it... There are 16 filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau. I filed mine today. If you have had problems please take 2 minutes to file (www.bbb.org), so that they don't rip others off. Please also get in contact with me (schubill2001@yahoo.som). I'm not sure what can be done, but I'll hand it over to my lawyer and let him proceed with it. If you want to check for yourself try and contact one of their clients that have recommended them. You can find the clients on their site. I tried and not one existed (another lie from them)..