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MojoPersonals Used On College ... | By: Quad Mars

I just read your review of mojopersonals script. We've been using it for our college girls dating service site at www.meetatquad.com. You can see what we've been able to do with it to date. You might even find a hot coed to date! However, on our college girls dating service site, we had to do a lot of customization and ran into a lot of problems along the way. So, if you buy MojoPersonals don't expect for things to go easy and I'd recommend that you have someone with a lot of experience at building web sites if you want it to look anything like our college girls dating site. There are plusses and minuses to MojoPersonals according to my experience at putting together our college girls dating site. They are way too numerous to get into here. In short, it is a stable platform on which to build a dating service site like our college girls one but you're going to need some expertise and patience to get things like you want. The script does have its limitations that you have to work around. One positive with the MojoPersonals script is that for whatever reason it seems to work well in the search engines. Type in hot coeds or college girls dating along with your town, city or state and our college girls dating service should be findable. See for yourself and check us out! Thanks! In summary, I don't now whether to recommend Mojoscripts to you or not. It depends on what you expect and want. My experience has been that they aren't as turnkey as advertised. Someone skilled with working on web sites is a must if you want your mojoscripts site to look like our college girls dating service site. But, for what we paid and what we've been able to do with it, I'm somewhat satisfied with Mojoscripts. There is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to their scripts and service though, I have to also say that!