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Owner | By: kevin

Hello I own a dolphin software, NOT the 900 version but the $600.00 version. I agree with everything you have posted and glad you did, thank God for people like you. www.boonex.com has the site set up so members can have their on line store. I don't want that crap!!! I told them to take it off and they hav not! I have written them countless times and NO responce! In the member section it has where a member can set their pay pal what ever and link it to their bank account. www.boonex.com is horrible and should be removed from the internet altogether. wwww.boonex.com bought out aewebworks and they were horrible. Countless bugs ext... they did have a chat page to speak to that was helpful. boonex sucks and is horrible. I cannot get paid on my web site because the pay part is not in my admin but in the member section. I got a free license because aewebworks failed on me. I get no customer support! Fuck www.boonex.com no one needs to use them. Their idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!11 Thank you