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How This Guy Turned On His Cus... | By: AnnoyedCustomer

I am glad to have found this site. Michael has now made this script free with the addons to be paid for. I can't believe the email I received on the 17th of October to say that all existing customers (who paid for the program) will no longer get the upgrades unless we pay for them to be done and he is removing the instant chat and messenger modules and if we want them then we have to PAY for them!!! AGAIN. Oh and if we want Wazzum.com removed then we have to pay for that as well. I also received a dirty email from his so-called next door neighbour complaining to all customers that we should be supporting what Michael is doing. Michael has continually gone on about how Russian scammers are bagging his name but for once they are right. He is a fraud and I am extremely pee'd off with this change of attitude. Michael what goes around comes around!