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My Experience | By: ronggg

I have experienced terrible customer service. I don't know about the Wordpress thing other then some of the script reminds me of Wordpress.. Probably asking Wordpress themselves would solve that question. I have called many times without an answer. For two months I have been waiting for 2.5 upgrade. Michael said he was tired of dealing with my support requests and told me to take down his software. He said he would refund in 30 days. He could have refunded in 3 minutes via paypal. I hope he does refund my money. His website says satisfaction guaranteed and lifetime support but that was not my experience. Hopefully I will get a refund like he promised. Not sure why he likes to prolong the misery for me but that is his business decision. I can't recommend his software because of the slow or non-existence upgrade and troubleshooting help. He never did troubleshoot the script so I am wondering if something fishy is going on. He always said his "team" would look at it. I will keep you guys posted on refund as he now says it's being "processed". If I don't get a refund I will go to the attorney general. I have only heard a voice on an answering machine. He never has picked up the phone. It seems odd that anything technical he has his "team" do and then gets very defensive. He emailed me and said he would refund my my money even though he demanded that I immediately take down the wazzum software which I did. Still no refund. Hopefully he will pull through. Something seems odd about the whole thing. I paid $300 mostly because the site had me convinced there would be excellent support. I did not receive it. Michael in the end sent emails laughing at the fact that I could not get a fully functioning site for two months. I installed a script from a different company in 5 minutes and it worked fine so it was not my servers. regardless he offered a refund and so I will waoit 30 days and start legal action as I am out $300 with never a fully functioning 2.5 script which I deleted within one minute of receiving Michael's request to do so.