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Samuel Hewlett

President | By: Tony_boy2

I bought the Wazzum software Premiun edition and paid $ 399.00 for it. The advertisement said that you will get lifetime upgrades while you own the domain. Since I bought the software, it’s been a nightmare. Michael Pennington doesn’t know much about anything and his support was three words per email. I’ve been reading post from him and competitors and its funny because most of the time the people writing all this good things are themselves. Michael (Wazzum) also owns a site that grades dating software and he talks how great is Wazzum. Now, the latest news was that Wazzum was sold to Roy Haryanto, from San Diego, CA. so, I contacted Mr. Haryanto to give me the upgrade since I bought the premium version. The answer was that I need to pay 99.00 for it. This sounds exactly like Michael Pennington but with a different name. Now, you can ask me if I was scammed, I honestly would say, YES why? Because I bought a product based on the customer service of upgrading the software and never got it. So I was lured to pay for something they never intend to give. I don’t care if anyone buy this software or not, that’s your choice, just good luck with it. If you cannot pay a programmer to make your own software then you should do something else. Most of the time their servers are down and the Flash chats and IM don’t work. Even if you chose to use your own server, the flash chat and IM are controlled by them, so if their server is down, guess what your business would be affected. Roy Haryanto is no different that Michael Pennington. “Two wings in one bird”. I also sent a complaint to the BBB that would be logged in 30 days.