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Ripoff | By: Rubbe

When i first start contact whith Michael he was werry open, answare fast on skype and show werry god service, as he also promes me the best service. I did pay him 200 USD and he did watt we agree. Then i pay 100 USD moore, that was part of our agreement. But it was moore to do on the page, and it was stil not working. Then he sendt me the bill iss 400 USD. I did lukkely only pay the 200 again, becose after that he newer do anything moore for me and the page. The hole page a shame. After weeks and weeks and weeks he just send me a few words on email that he gonne do the jobb, but he newer do it. He dont answare my email, he dont answare the skype. Then suddenly sending me a mail, claim that he alredy done watt i payd for, but the page like chit, just crap, stil not working. Thats my experience. Michael send me last mail 12 July: "Software was 300 dollars and you only paid 200 dollars so you owed me 100 more. You just paid 200 more. 100 that you owed me and 100 for the WORK that I did on your site. Was NOT a scam. You got a problem with that then you go get a lawyer. I'm not going to play games with you. I know what you paid and I know what work was done." This just bullshit. He newer make my page work, he just suddenly stopp responding after last payment on 200 usd. Wassum is a scam. Hes program i see fore sale at 50 USD, just seach the nett and you see it 50 USD. When i told Michel he was laughing. He say my 200 USD was fore the best costomer service.