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Good | By: William

Have been using Chameleon for a couple of sites of mine. Some ideas: PROS: - fast. it seems to be really well optimized. works great even on godaddy. - 3DCity. no site has this nowadays, and virtual reality has become the topic that everyone speaks about (just check the news). - experienced support. Seems the programmers themselves do the technical support, so if there is a coding problem, it is solved on the spot. - decent, well build design. there is much attention to detail. pages are really well designed (well, for my taste). - dedicated apps. most companies offer a generic app, where you have to enter the site's name to connect. It is not what a user is accustomed to do. With Chameleon you have your logo all over the app, it is a dedicated app. CONS: - well, it is still tailored towards dating (version 3.3 at least that I use) so if your website is a social network of plumbers, maybe Chameleon is not the best option, you could go with phpfox instead or something of the kind. - support is not super fast. tickets usually take several hours to be responded. Sometimes even a day. - no phone support. would be really faster for me to solve my problems over the phone. - some tech specialists are not so good english speakers. It is ok with me, we are globalized now, but could be a turn off for some purist. Sometimes because of this lack of knowledge they can even sound rude. but it is just poor english as I found out later. Would I recommend it to a friend? If the friend is starting a "light" social network or a dating site then definitely. If it will be a social network for plumbers than not. William.