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Samuel Hewlett

Thank you for your review | By: Irene I

Dear Osbourne, I represent SkaDate Community and Dating Software Company. First of all, thank you for doing the great job on exploring SkaDate Admin Panel and sharing your opinion on making it more user-friendly. We will definitely take the notes we find reasonable into consideration for the next software update. Let me also make a couple of remarks on the above-written notes. In regards to the 'Languages' section - changes are restricted in the demo mode in order to avoid the demo crash as a result of multiple simultaneous edit attempts. You can always refer to our pre-sales operators who will be glad to provide you with detailed information on how the software features work. As to uploaded photos and multimedia approval - you can find it in the Admin Panel -> Profiles -> Statistics -> Prnding Approval (it is for new profiles, photos, multimedia, music, background image and photo verificatiob requests). You will see this area as soon as you login into the Admin panel. Again, thank you for helping us make SkaDate better.