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re; the dating software mentio... | By: webreviewer

In my opinion, I agree the software is not very good, but the technical support is terrible. They ignore your enquiries. Once you have purchased you become forgotten and unimportant. The user interface is clunky, slow, poorly laid out, dysfunctional, presents useless information, requires excessive mouse clicks and page refreshes. Unless you have a lifetime of upgrades, I think it's a complete waste of money. The default templates are simply not at a professional standard and trying to modify them is difficult without good technical support, which they simply don't seem to offer. It looks like v 10.6 fixes the SPAM signup problems by implementing CAPTCHA. But really beyond that, the software is unimpressive. I would not recommend purchasing this software as it stands. If they could offer one professional level user template to a high standard ( using the latest web design methods, CSS3, HTML5 etc... ) that competes with the bug guns, they might have a chance of winning more votes. They have just under capitalised in this area, which really does let the whole product down. End user experience is everything and they don't seem to have worked that out yet.