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emeeting scam | By: Richard

I started with them about 5 years ago it is not bugs you are dealing with the software is ok. The only problem is they scammed me into thinking I could have open source code. The major problem is example of there good software you will find at plentyodates.com this is the real copy of what is open source they did not tell me I had a source code in the system I lost allot of money for the lies they have sent to me. The program responds ok I know allot about there software although they should be honest with people and tell them in the beginning that they have to pay extra for the real copy of open source. Also venthost.com is the best host on the east cost and builds professional modules for their software to run on proper functions. You get what you pay for. I run venthost.com and I am not happy at all being lied to about the hidden encryption in the newadmin file. Here is some good advice stay away from them because they are not being honest I have worked very hard for 5 years spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on adwords bing ads etc. This is not fair to anyone. www.matchudate.com also www.plentyodates.com are emeeting-dating scripts. The script problems are they have not updated the admin area because its encrypted so why should they. The other problem is I paid allot of money $200.00 a few years ago for the unencrypted version of the admin area so I could run cron processes. They want allot more money now for the UN encrypted version.