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not recommended! | By: badexperience

After purchasing this $199.95 script i ran into the problems. The support is not knowledgeable, worthless and never helped to solve the problem. The upgrade version has incomplete instructions, and in order to update you have to overwrite all the files.After installation nothing works properly.No old database, no custom pages, no media, no old profiles. Vlad could not explain us why it's not working, nor did he give any instructions, unless we pay. It seems once they have your money, they don't give a crap about your issues. We refused to pay , as it says "Free support'' on VldPersonals site. Update. After number of tickets submitted to Vld technical support, we've been denied any support and our license was suspended. I thought when you pay for something is yours? ...-) --------"Vlad K - We won't need any access and we will not do anything for you.You had done 2 things wrong: 1. Attempted to get a refund without our authorization. 2. Made false public claims about our software and company. Both go against our company's policies and neither are tolerated. As such, you will no longer receive any kind of support from us." ------ My experience they call false claims. They don't have a phone number or address listed on their website. People must know what to expect from this business.