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Beware of the money-pulling VL... | By: Norbert Harms

Bugs, bugs and bugs again. In fact, so many that Vlad (owner of VLDPersonals) now decided to go complete new with DatingScript (DS). As if VLDPersonals would not have been enough of a mess already, now Vlad produces an even bigger one. Is this guy serious or is he just a bad code hacker, a dropped out (sacked) programmer who now goes rogue by producing more or less worthless software to make money (not easy to earn a living as an unemployable programmer) OK, now more specifics. Address some problems and ask for help in his forums... go check it out yourself how much help is offered. At the peak of a bug fix request, Vlad will just cut you out and you haven't gotten even a chance to USE YOUR PURCHASED license anymore. He will then just claim he doesn't know you and you don't exist in his database. Nice move, Vlad, to get rid of your problems. Now it gets better. As for help in custom programming from some of the VLDPersonals "Experts" - like Ramil Zhunussov, from VLDMagic. This guy is just as good as Vlad. He will take your money, then hang around, picking here and there a little, causing more problems, enhancing existing bugs and then just stay totally quiet, until - finally - you give up, cut your losses and try to forget. I can write a book here, but the simple morale is ... move on. Don't even consider looking at VLDPersonals or the new DS, and never hire Ramil. You will waste your time, your money and earn nothing! Take these guys off their cloud and place them on firm ground, they would be behind bars in no time. Sadly, on the internet rule other rules. Give them a rating from 1-10, I'd rate them at -10 (that's a Minus 10, yes) You are welcome to request more information