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AbleSpace and AbleDating - com.. | By: herne

AbleSpace and AbleDating (social network & dating software) has all the professional features that will be enough for you to create sites like YouTube, MySpace or Date.com in one package. I’ll review them a little bit below.

It has been developed by Abk-Soft, US Company with Russian roots and employing dynamic staff of over 30 freelance programmers from Russia managed from US.

Their main product contains lot of interesting modules, like 3D virtual city, Flash technology based profile editor to replace HTML, CSS profile customization, Video Chat, Video Sharing, Friends, Groups, Flash postcards, VoiIP technology based telephone, Flash based chat rooms, Flash games, Romantic virtual 3D chat rooms, Greeting recordings, Classifieds, Photo Gallery, Personal Blogs, Biorhythms, Love Match calculator, Instant Messenger, Mailbox, MP3 Player, favourites, forums, etc.

The administration allows setup the site for various community purposes, allowing three level memberships, affiliate programs, banner rotations, free trial memberships, newsletters, auto approvals, unlimited number of languages, e-mail and phone number automatic filtering, etc. Currently it supports PayPal, WorldPay, GoldPay, 2CO, NetBilling and PaySystems gateways but can be configured to any payment gateway for small fee.

Their templates based architecture allows changing site look and feel instantly using growing number of ready-made templates.

The installation service is free or if you want to do it yourself, its five simple steps following the screen and can be completed in minutes.

The product comes from two versions:

- AbleSpace as social networking community platform ($597 for single domain license/ $897 for multiple domains)

- AbleDating as dating software platform ($597 for single domain license/$897 for multiple domains)

- or a mixer having both of functionalities included ($997 for single domain license)

Existing site owners can also buy their 3D city module to any of site for $400.

Able Space social networking software

The main page starts with cool online videos, new videos and cool new people. It contains also special notice messages, direct links to site functions and to success stories, site tour and site info pages.

The site main functions are 3DCity, voting other members by their pictures, viewing photo albums, videos, making friends, 3DChat, online chat, blog, forum, groups and events.

The registration for Able Space social community site will ask your date of birth and your sexual gender besides email, username and password which was odd but common for dating sites. As next step you are able to upload your photo or skip this step and you are ready to go.

From your profile page besides your statistics, you are able to view your biorhythms, upgrade your membership, edit your profile, upload photos/videos/audio and hide profile.

Users are able to perform search from other members and view latest members directly from your member profile page.

You are able to write the headline and essay about themselves to their profile and there where no questions about my favourite movies, books and music to answer.

As next step, you are able to upload your photos, audio and videos or write a blog.

Members are also able to setup their personal settings, like email notifications for user mails, user interest, and subscription of newsletters, automatic login, change the password and hide or delete the profile.

When viewing other profiles, users are able to send mail, send a wink, send a postcard, add to favorites, send IM, start a video chat or phone conversation and play the game.

Site members can be searched by several criterias using basic or advance search, search can be saved and results sorted by rating either in profile view, gallery view or list view.

The online section gives the list of users currently online, using IM, new users, birthdays, featured users, users I viewed and users who have viewed me and from rating section, you are able to rate other member picture as Oh, No; No, Thanks; Better Not; Well, Maybe; Nice!, You’re Hot and Oh, Yes.

From the friends section, I was able to send Invite friends emails and list users from same criteria as from online section but I didn’t figure out how I can I invite others to be my friends.

Mails can be organized to folders and mail section shows also winks sent and received. You can select persons who have sent winks and whom you have sent winks to be added to your favorites and organize your favorites list.

For music files, besides the song name and description, users are able to add a picture. Somehow all those music files where starting to play as playlist and I wasn’t able to figure out how I can search and find other music. So maybe this was only mentioned to my personal music collection.

Videos can be rated, commented, subscribed, saved to my favorites or profile, embedded and included to your blog entry. Video page shows the statistics and other member videos, but not related videos and videos cannot be tagged.

Videos can be searched by Top Plays, Just added, most commented and Top rated, filtered by category or timeframe.

Picture albums can be searched by New Albums and Popular albums and users are able to comment others pictures.

The blog section is listing blogs by most recent and most active, users are able to perform keyword search using both of the views.

Besides HTML tags, you are able to add pictures to your blog posts and use HTML to comment other blog entries.

Forums are organized by categories and posts can use BBTags, image tags and smiles. You are able to preview the post before posting. Inappropriate posts can be reported and deleted or edited by author or quoted to reply.

Ads section allows to publish classified ads and other members are able to search ads and respond directly to the advertisers.

From groups section you are able to search groups by categories or create your own group. For the group you are able to specify is it a open join, hidden group, do members have right to invite others to join, does it have public forum and can members post to forum bulletins. Groups can have a photo and you can invite others to join.

The events section shows all events, events user has created, events user are attending, create a new event, show your calendar and add new entry to calendar. All calendar entries have short and long descriptions, start date and time but no duration. Entries can be deleted from calendar view by clicking to cross without any notification.

Events can have public comments, photo and RSVP with attending, maybe, no options and possibility to include one or two quests.

Events can be added to your calendar directly from event homepage.

Besides private IM, there is 3D Chat, Chat and 3D City to use.

Chat is text based chat room functionality written in Flash, where you can use smileys in your text and setup text colours for yourself and others. Users are able to choose between several chat rooms.

3D Chat offers virtual reality chat rooms like Green Airship, Lovely Battlefield, Swimming Pool, Romantic Bar and Coliseum where users are talking in bubbles. You can setup your character from your profile.

3DCity needs the Quest 3D Player to be installed as Active X control.


AbleDating offers similar functionalities as AbleSpace with more comprehensive profile search using personal and partner match information. To see the full list of features click here.


AbleSpace or AbleDating will offer lot of functionalities in one package (MySpace.com, Youtube.com and Date.com combined) so it could be an ideal solution for anyone starting to run professional community/social networking sites. The 3DCity was something unique and seems to be most of their license price.

Source: http://www.mytestbox.com

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