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Review on vldPersonals Admin P... | By: yellowsnow

This dating script review will talk about the Admin CP of vldPersonals. For this vldPersonals review we’ll be using the Admin CP demo from the official site of the software. The demo is located over here:

Username: admin
Password: demo

Would be much better to put the username and password as default values in the login form. Anyway, here’s the login page into the admin CP of vldPersonals.

What if the administrator lost his password? I guess he will need to retrieve it in the database or search for it in the software files. Not very user friendly.

Here’s the admin CP after you fill in the username and password and log into the system.

Hmm… The layout and the design is completely stolen from Kayako Support Suite. Here’s the screen capture of Kayako Support Suite. I wonder, aren’t vldPersonals developers afraid of the copyright violation? Aren’t they afraid of Kayako when they completely steal it’s layout and design, use it in their solutions and then sell it. To be honest, I would be afraid.

Ok, that’s enough. Let’s see what sections the vldPersonals admin CP has.

There’s a main horizontal menu which loads its submenus upon clicking. Also, on the left corner it shows the same submenus. Don’t understand why it was necessary to show the same submenus both in horizontal and in vertical positions. In the center there's a list of statistics, showing the amount of the joined members last week and today, etc. And on the right this admin CP also loads a lot of stuff from somewhere else, I guess from vldPersonals servers directly. As you know, nobody has any guarantees that it will not load any malware or spyware to your server. Also it will increase your site load time.

Now let's examine the menu items. Here I will show the vertical menus, as they are more attractive than the horizontal ones.


This group of menus is named “Members”, however, as you can see from the screen capture above, it contains a lot of non-members links. For example – Manage Pictures, Manage Music, Manage Videos, Manage Events are have nothing to do with the the Members section. Would be much better to put them in the section “Content”, which is already available (will be examined below).

Now let's take a look at couple of submenus here.

Manage members

And again, the structure is taken from Support Suite. The list is sorted by the join date. And it is impossible to field you want to sort by. I can't say anything bad about any of the fields in this list. Just I don't understand the need of the field “Messages”. Why does admin need to see the amount of sent and received messages? And see it in the list of the users of the site. Also, it doesn't show anywhere the amount of the users.

Manage pictures

In this section you can manage the uploaded pictures. One thing here which I do not understand and don't consider as correct. Each page shows different amount of pictures. As you can see from the screen capture above, there is empty space and the system doesn't show any pictures there while there are a lot of pictures to show. This is confusing.

The other sections in this menu group look absolutely the same. Didn't find anything special. That's why will not examine them any farther.

Let's proceed to the next menu item for this dating script review.


Actually this is the section to manage the payments, payment plans, etc. Let’s enter a couple of sections here:

Manage orders

There’s nothing special here except of the “Edit” button under Actions column. When you click on it, it brings the following page:

And here’s the confuse – there’s nothing to edit. The fields are not active. Besides of it, if they even were active, what were you supposed to edit or change there? I don’t completely understand why to put an Edit button if there’s nothing to edit at all? There aren’t even any fields to put some data in or change.

Manage credits

The confusing thing here is the Order column. It still shows both “Move down” and “Move up” arrows while there’s only one line there. And it is logical that it can’t be moved down or up. In well designed solutions such fields will not appear if there’s only one line. Seems vldPersonals can’t be considered as one of those well designed solutions.


This is the section to manage the mass mail letters and sent them to your site users. This section. It is decently designed and created.


This is the section to manage the news, pages, polls, reports and banners. Let’s examine a couple of submenus here.

Manage polls

One thing confuses me here. First of all – you can edit the amount of the votes. Second, you can edit them and put into them non-numeric content:

First of all, it is really bad to give the administrator an opportunity to cheat their users editing the amount of votes. Besides of it, it is bad to let non-numeric content in the fields where there should be numbers only.


The section has several submenus which show statistics in text form and using charts. Also it has sections to show PHP info and MySQL info.

As for the PHP info and MySQL info sections. I don’t think those sections absolutely necessary to be included in the admin CP. That’s the data which is being changed very seldom and it is not needed to check those settings each day. I consider those two sections as unneeded.


This section contains several utilities. For default it shows the Database backup section but doesn’t let you make a backup stating that feature disabled in the demo.


This is the section to manage the system settings, templates and other stuff.


For default the section shows the General settings of the system:

As you can see from the screen capture above, it has a field for the title of the site and the keywords but doesn’t have a field for the site description. That’s bad. Why not to put it when you’ve put the keywords field? Also, there are 2 separate fields for the Search Friendly URL-s and Short Member URL-s. In fact they’re the same. Then why to create separate fields for each of them?


As you can see from the screen capture shown above, vldPersonals has English language only. Also, it is not possible to edit the language file through the admin CP. So, you’ll be stuck with it, or will need to find and edit the language file itself, if there is a separate file for the language. In any case you’ll need technical knowledge. Even when you wish to translate the software into your language.


And the last section to be examined in this vldPersonals review is the Templates section.

And again. There’s no option to edit the template. You can’t change there anything, can’t even put your custom footer or a counter. This is really bad when the developers don’t let the customers have some input in the look and feel of the site.

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