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Review on Kootali Admin Panel | By: sunguard

This social networking script review will talk about the Admin CP of Kootali. For this Kootali review we’ll be using the Admin CP demo from the official site of the software. The demo is located over here:

Username: admin
Password: admin

Why do they need to show such links on the admin login page? Privacy, Terms? This is the page which will be viewed by the site admin only. And the site admin doesn’t have to read the Privacy Policy or the Terms and Conditions. Also he doesn’t need to Signup or Login. This is too unprofessional to show such links on the admin panel login page.

Anyway, let’s continue this Kootali review and log into the admin panel.

Well. This is the first admin CP where for default loads the page to change the admin password. This page loads for default, means this page is the page you’ll see each time you log into the admin panel. There’s a huge question – why will you need to change your admin CP password? Or, if you don’t have to change it every day, why does it show you that page each time you log into the admin panel? Pretty strange and at least non-professional, if this is not an implementation lack.

The admin CP has a very simple look and I guess simple functionality. On the left side you can see a vertical menu with management items and in the center the loaded data is being shown. Let’s examine the menu items one by one.

The section contains some statistics information regarding the amount of users, photos, events, etc. Here’s the look of the page:

The section doesn’t contain any useful information. Just some statistics and that’s all. Well, I guess this section doesn’t have much information as the Kootali software itself doesn’t have many features.

This section contains several submenus intended to manage the site settings. Let’s start from the first on – Site Settings.

In this section you can change the site title and put amount of some content on the site. BUT. Take a look at the button “Update”. It goes just under the field Your Site Name. And there’s NO button to save the rest of the settings. This is a huge problem of usability. For example, if I take a look at such a page, I’ll not understand that the Update button above is the same for the whole content of the page.

It is always weird when the software developers chose to send the letters via a SMTP server rather than the default mail() function of PHP. Actually nobody can say that it is better to send the mail via a SMTP server than using the mail() function. In some cases the software developers make it in that way just to create an impression that the software is a very serious one. It just makes the software more complicated, nothing else.

This is the page for the cropper settings. The Aspect ratio radio button label talks about the X axis and Y axis. But, as you can see from the screen capture above, there're no fields for those settings.

Also, the radio buttons, the check boxes, the button “Update” are not clickable and are inactive. Unfortunately I can't show it on a screen capture, but you can go and check. At least it didn't work in FireFox 3.5.

I always consider as not-professional when the software developers create a separate section for such a minor thing as switching on or off the maintenance mode. They could simply put it in the Site Settings section.

The same for the next section:

Enable the watermark or disable. Pretty interesting and useful section :D Can Kootali developers tell me why they didn't put it in the Site Settings section and created a separate section for it? Maybe they just wanted to create a huge menu? Who knows…

Just one quick question – what is the point of size in which the max size is mentioned? Is it byte, kilobyte, megabyte? Why there's no information about it?

Take a look at the hint under the Browse button – Allowed maximum image resolution to upload: 18 * 18 pixels. Well, why to use such a small file as the logo?

This is the section to manage the content of the web-site. However it contains several other submenus which could be included in the previous menu section, or even into the Site Settings. I'm talking about all the submenus here except of Manage Members section. The rest could be included in the previous block of menu items.

This section of Kootali admin CP is the members management section. Take a look at the amount of members above – “Displaying 1-8 of 8 Members”. However, there it counts incorrectly. Here's the full list of the users shown on that page:

As you can see, it shows 5 users only, while the system says 8 :). Let's go on with this social networking script review.

I’ve gone into all the submenus in this Manage section but couldn’t check or test anything as all the pages are shown in graphical format, they’re not clickable and they’re not editable. Don’t understand why they’ve put an on-line demo when that on-line demo is like a screen cast.

The same is for the other sections as well. Can’t see how to manage the video files, how to manage the users, how to manage the other content. Everything is shown in graphical format, all the pages are just pictures, images. I’m very disappointed.

Wanted to see how the video management is being done, whether there’s a video playback in admin or not. Here’s what I got:

They could at least show some demo content to give an idea on how it is being done. But, alas…

The name of this section is “Language Control”, however I don’t understand its meaning. Let’s examine a couple of its submenus to get better understanding of this section for this Kootali review.

Actually this is a section to edit the language files, make translations, etc. However, there was such a section in the Manage block of menus. The name of the submenu was “Manage Languages” and it already has an option to edit the language files. Why was it needed to create another section? The answer of this question seems to be a big secret.

Well. That’s it. I couldn’t examine all the sections for this Kootali review as all the sections were shown in graphical format, were just pictures, not clickable, not editable and even didn’t have some demo content to look at and get an idea on how it works. This is a pretty limited demo site. They could simply show some screen captures of the admin panel pages. Then I would respect Kootali developers more. In this way it is just customer cheating.

Best of all | By: chris | Sep 2, 2010
Hey, which one have you been able to create, if you can not produce please stop blasphemy...
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