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vldPersonals Review | By: PJBoss

In this dating software review I’ll talk about vldPersonals. Would like to say that from the first sight I liked the software but will tell about my final conclusion in the end of this review, after getting acquainted with all the parts of this solution.

vldPersonals is being produced by a Canadian company VLD Interactive. Seems that this is the only package which they’ve created. Couldn’t find any information on their web-site concerning other solutions.

vldPersonals states the following:

- Unencrypted Files

BUT, in the System requirements list we can see the following:

- ionCube Loaders

What is the need of ionCube Loaders if the files are unencrypted? Maybe would be better to say – some files are encrypted? The customers have a right to know which files are encrypted and what kind of modifications are possible.

Now let’s see the license types under which vldPersonals is being sold.

- Personal license – 99,95 USD

- Commercial license – 199,95 USD

- Commercial Edition Upgrade – 99,95 USD

- Branding Free Option – 49,95 USD

First of all let’s talk about the differences between the license types. The difference between Personal and Commercial license is that with Personal license you can’t use the web-site for-profit endeover and the following features are missing:

* Paid memberships and billing system
* Watermarks on pictures and videos
* Powered by link cannot be removed
* Banner management

It’s good that you can upgrade the license type anytime you wish. Will be suitable for those who just try some packages to find the best one.

Now let’s review vldPersonals’ demo site.

The package includes 10 default templates. I’ll chose the one which I liked most of all.

1. Look of the site.

Seems that the layout of vldPersonals was created on the base of Facebook.com. The template which I’ve chosen to test even has the same colors and icons. Don’t think that it’s legal.

The implementation of vldPersonals is done on a high level, couldn’t find any broken links or anything which doesn’t work as it should.
Though there are several things which I want to mention here. Any user can do a lot of things without registering and logging in. I’ve walked through the whole site and the system didn’t ask me to register or log in. I’ve visited the Hot or Not section, viewed a lot of photos there, even voted for them. Performed a search, viewed the profiles of the users and had never been asked to log in or register. You’ll not get much users in this way.

2. Admin CP

Well, seems that vldPersonals likes taking others' ideas. User part looks like FaceBook, Admin CP part looks like… Kayako Support Suite:

Well, this is not a review on how vldPersonals works with copyright materials of other companies, but a dating software review, vldPersonals review. So, let's try the demo and see what we can do with it and what we can't.
You can manage all the sections of the site through admin CP. However I didn't find any place where you can edit the languages or templates. So, if there is a word you want to change, you'll need to find it in the source. Which is not comfortable, if even that part of the software is unencrypted, which is not a fact as vldPersonals didn’t give us any information about that.

3. Usability.

Well. The layout of vldPersonals is copied from Facebook.com. Don’t want to talk about usability, you may understand why.

4. Custom Design.

There are several templates available for sale at vldPersonals dating software web-site. They cost 64 USD, BUT… They're just HTML and CSS driven templates – not integrated into the software. So, you'll have to purchase a template, then hire a programmer to integrate that template into the software.

Conclusion. Well. I think it's the time to finalize this dating software review. The implementation is done on a high level but the ideas of layout and design are taken from other companies. The information posted on the web-site of vldPersonals is not enough to fully understand how it works, what you’re allowed to do and what can’t be done due to the fact that the code is encrypted. If you want to make some minor changes in the layout of the site, change some words – you’ll need to search for them in the source. Admin CP doesn’t give you an ability to edit the HTML or CSS files of the template, the same for the languages.

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support team is not serious, do not recommend vldpersonals
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do not recommend vldpersonals | By: Rene Miscu | Jul 23, 2010
support team is not serious, do not recommend vldpersonals
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These Reviews are Simply Awesome | By: Lindsay Meholick | Apr 14, 2010
Thanks for taking the time to review. I am considering purchasing one of these programs and your advice has been very valuable!!
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User | By: John Raz | Jan 13, 2010
I recently bought this software. It's not bad but their support staff is so freaking rude. They are so nasty when handling IT issues. They spend most of their time screaming about how you submit tickets and are following their help desk procedures instead of helping you fix you...
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I've been using VLD for 2 months. Long enough to evaluate the software. Not sure how anyone could claim copyrght infringement based solely on color of template. If thats the case POF might be in trouble too.
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Unencrypted Files? -> NO!! | By: Thomas | Jun 3, 2009
vldPersonals says: "When you purchase a license you will have complete access to the source code with an exception of 5 non-essential files that are encoded for security purposes and to prevent piracy." That is not true! 17 files is encoded !!
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