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Kootali Review | By: KootaliFan

Kootali is a community software produced and marketed by an Indian company Agriya Infoway. This community software review will be about that solution. Kootali has quite a few features, though has a VideoUpload feature as well which is good. However there is no music upload possible in Kootali. This can be seen as a disadvantage. Let's make a Kootali review step by step.

  • System requirements.
  • Server Requirements 
    • Linux Server (some old distributions are not supported)
    • Apache
    • MySQL (version 5 or higher)
    • PHP (version 5 or higher) with following support
      • Freetype
      • Jpeg
      • GD Library 2 or higher
    • Mplayer + Mencoder http://www.mplayerhq.hu/design7/dload.html)
    • Flvtool2 http://inlet-media.de/flvtool2)
    • .htaccess support (AllowOverride All) for SEF URLS (search engine friendly) 
    PHP Configuration 
    • safe_mode = off
    • register_globals = off
    • open_basedir = (no value)
    • output_buffering = on
    • upload_max_filesize = 200M (or more)
    • post_max_size = 200M (or more)
    • max_execution_time = 0
    • max_input_time = 6000 (or more)
    • memory_limit = 32M (or more)
    • error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE | E_STRICT
    • display_errors = On
    • file_uploads = On
    • session.gc_maxlifetime = 14000 (or more) 
    Optional Requirement 
    • Red5 free and open source flash media server (This is optional. You require this server only when you want to offer online webcam recording option on the site.)
    Don't see anything extraordinary in the list of the requirements. There is one concern that somethimes the hosting provider can restrict the change of PHP Configuration. So, you should check it with your hosting provider first, before taking an account from them. Besides of it Kootali has a list of recommended hosting companies which are suitable for the software. So, you'll not have any problems with that.

  • License types.
  • There is one licnese type under which Kootali is being sold: Single Domain License – 247 USD The price includes the software itself and nothing else. The company doesn't offer any support services. At least there is no information about it at the web-site of Kootali. Professional Installation – 47,97 USD Red5 Installation – 52,5 USD Agriya Copyright Removal – 147,97 USD So, if you aren't a programmer or a systems administrator and want to get an unbranded site installed by Kootali, you'll need to pay 495,44 USD. Taking into the consideration that there are only 17 features, one template, one language and no support is offered, the software costs too much. Let's continue this community software review.

  • Look of the site.
  • Let's see how Kootali looks. Well. The design is not bad. However I don't understand why everybody copies the layout of Facebook.com. Is it so hard to create something unique? OK. Let's register and continue Kootali review.

  • Registration.

  • Well, this is the first place where I see only one Password field. And where is the “Confirm password” field? Registered and logged in. Now I see drop down menus in red frames: Looks nasty. Besides of it, we see underline on mouse over which is larger than the word is. Lack of implementation. Don't think that the colors are correctly chosen. What is the need to put two same links for “Create a New Group”? It doesn’t make sense to put 2 buttons if you want the users find that option fast. You can create just one button but create in an attractive way, so anybody will see it from the first sight. That’s all. Didn’t find any interesting part in Kootali which I liked so much to talk about it in this community software review. Let’s take a look at admin panel. Maybe it has something interesting.

  • Admin panel.
  • Here is the admin panel of Kootali. There is a very major confusing thing in admin panel. Why did the company put screen captures under the Site Information? Yeah. All the data which you can see there now is not text information, but a picture: Well, the admin panel looks good but everything is disabled there, just screen captures, nothing more. Can’t see how to edit the languages, can’t see how to create new languages or change the settings. How does a prospective customer test and see the software if everything is in graphical format only? Pretty bad.

  • Usability.
  •  Maybe the first software of this kind where I’m not satisfied with the usability. Unneeded buttons and links, the color of the drop down menus doesn’t match the colours and styles of the site which spoils the view.  

  • Custom design.
  • Kootali comes with one default template which is “taken” from Facebook.com. The company doesn’t offer custom design services. There is a couple of design companies which Kootali recommends and where you can order a custom design for your community site. But there is no information concerning the pricing.  

  • Support.
  • There is no information concerning the support. There is a live chat option on the web-site of Kootali, but all I could see was the following: This is the end of this community software review. Everything is already clear. There are quite a few features in this solution and the price is too high if you're not a technician to be able to install it and configure by yourself. Think that the company should rearrange its marketing strategy and create new, unique and attractive templates and features.  

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