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eMeeting is a SCAM | By: Saint

eMeeting is a SCAM Bought the script 2 years ago - currently running v9.23 and still not stable - too slow and full of coding errors - The promise they make on their advertising pages are far from what you get. The main drawback is the inability for automated emails eg. notification to a member when a new member joins that math his/her match settings. When they started out the idea was good, but with all the bugs the are trying to fix they lag behind other companies with new integrations (facebook login, 3d etc. etc) You work day and night to modify and get everything up and running, trying to work around the bugs and shortcomings - and then WOW, after nearly a year a new version upgrade. First you must PAY for new version, and then start all over again. If you complain about bad customer service or unstable script in the forums you get instantly banned - Yes they don't tolerate anything that might indicate their software is unstable at all. An open invitation to the eMeeting team - PROVE ME WRONG - Remember? I still got all our conversations we had over the years - email and in the forums. Complaints I had in 2009 is still not resolved - oh sorry, my posts got deleted so that future customers can't read it!!!!!! Do a Google search "scam emeeting mark fail" and see that I'm not alone. Contact me at - itdplaza@gmail.com

re; the dating software mentio... | By: webreviewer | Oct 1, 2014
In my opinion, I agree the software is not very good, but the technical support is terrible. They ignore your enquiries. Once you have purchased you become forgotten and unimportant. The user interface is clunky, slow, poorly laid out, dysfunctional, presents useless informa...
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emeeting has built it spam in ... | By: Arthur | Sep 19, 2014
What a lot of people don't know is emeeting has a built in spam in their system reported to me by my host provider. They will spam your website and when you complain they will ask you to update your software to the new version and of course you have to pay...what a shame spammi...
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Professional support and frien... | By: Tibor Lukacsi | Aug 19, 2014
I both this dating script two years ago from eMeeting.com. I'm very satisfied with their services and with this dating script. If I have any problem they are answer and solving usually 5 minutes. They has got professional support and friendly staff! The script it's No;1 on ...
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emeeting scam | By: Richard | Jun 10, 2014
I started with them about 5 years ago it is not bugs you are dealing with the software is ok. The only problem is they scammed me into thinking I could have open source code. The major problem is example of there good software you will find at plentyodates.com this is the real...
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WARNING! emeeting are FRAUD an... | By: Sector | May 24, 2011
WARNING! Datingscripts are FRAUD and big SCAMMERS! After buying their script they disapiert. Alot of people have buying extra support but they don't even answer! If you complain about bad customer service or unstable script in the forums you get instantly banned - Yes they don'...
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