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Review on eMeeting Admin Panel | By: spongebob

This dating script review will talk about the Admin Panel of eMeeting. For this eMeeting review we’ll be using the Admin Panel demo from the official site of the company. The demo is located over here:


The username and password are filled in for default so you will not have to put them again. Also you can chose the language from the drop down list. Here's the admin CP after the login.

The homepage shows graphical statistics on new signups, text statistics on web-site usage (total amount of registered members, comments, profile videos, polls, etc.) As you can see from the screen shot above, eMeeting chosen a different kind of menu – top horizontal menu. Usability researches shown that in such sections of the sites, which are being used very often, it is more suitable and comfortable for the users to place a vertical menu. On hovering it reveals the submenus. Let's examine each of them for this dating script review.

This is the Dashboard menu of the admin panel. Contains the same links as you can see on the right side of the homepage of admin panel. Let's visit the “Member Statistics” section.

Hmm. I was expecting to see more than just graphical statistics. Usually when we say Members statistics or Users statistics, we mean some information on the age of the users, gender, etc. Here we can just see the amount. Besides of it, it will not show you the amount of registered users until you point your mouse to that little triangles.

Not too comfortable and user friendly.

For default the section loads the list of the members of the site.

As you can see in the screen shot above, there's a horizontal scrolling in the list of the users. However one thing is confusing me very much. You can make changes in that list directly and there's a button to edit the user profile. So, why was it needed to leave those fields editable when the eMeeting developers were going to create an additional button too?

eMeeting has a feature called Monitor Members which gives the administrator an opportunity to view the user's messages.

Though this feature can be considered as a useful one, a lot of lawyers will consider it as illegal. Besides of reading the abusive messages, the administrator has an ability to read all the messages on the site, even the private ones which a lot of users will dislike. I wouldn't register on a dating site if I know that somebody will read my letters.

Let's continue this eMeeting review. I’ve found a feature which I think is absolutely unneeded. Here’s the screen capture of that feature page of eMeeting admin panel.

Well. What do you think, how many times will you need to use this section? 1, 10, 20 a year? Are there so many users which will have problems uploading a photo? I think that such features are being created just to create a false impression that the admin panel is very powerful and full of various tools and features.

There’s another section there called Affiliates management which I’m not interested in. Just want to show you a screen capture from that section.

Looks absolutely the same as the members management page, with the same usability lack of half the fields being edited from the list directly.

This is the section to manage the web-site design and other stuff in the look of the site such as Terms and Conditions, Homepage text, menu bars, etc. Though I don’t think absolutely suitable to put the languages in this section. eMeeting developers tried to combine a lot of features and options in the same section which may cause some confusion. Usually the Languages section is being put within the Site Options.

This is the section to create a new page for the site. I was expecting to see a WYSIWYG editor which would help to create a new page. However I’m a little bit confused as all I see there is a code editor, even with a numbered list, like code editors programmers are familiar with. I've tried to search but couldn’t find any information on the content you can put there, should you put there HTML code or you can simply put text? This is confusing. 90% of the owners of such sites are not programmers or designers and are not familiar with HTML. And, if you can write there simple text, why does the field look like a code editor? I will strongly advise the eMeeting developers to reconsider this.

To be honest, I hate when the developers disable some content on the demo site. The demo is being tested by prospective customers which have a right to see what they will get after the purchase. For example, I went to see the Edit Languages section. All I can see I've shown on a screen capture:

The next section to be examined in this dating script review is the “Email” section.

Let's examine the Add/Edit New Email section.

As you can see. There's a quite limited WYSIWYG editor there. You can change the font, the font size, make the text bold, italic or underlined. Also there's a button to add a picture. Let's see that section.

Well. You can add a picture from a URL only. There's no browse button to upload a picture from your local PC. This is confusing as well. Why to create such a limited functionality when it is pretty easy to make it upload a picture from the local PC? Better miss a feature than create it with a limited functionality.

This is actually the section to count your earned money :) Here you can edit the existing packages or add new ones. Also you can transfer the members from one membership group to another. Though don't find it a good or a needed feature.

As you understand, this is the section to manage the site settings. Here I can see some features which shouldn't be here. For example, would be better to put the Membership Settings option to the Billing section as there is a lot of stuff regarding the membership types. Default Thumbnails, Image Watermark options should be put into the Design section as it already contains templates, etc.

Here's the place to manage the content of the site, such as Poll, Forum, etc. Also you can add some words to be filtered.

And in this last section you're supposed to configure the installed plug-ins or install new ones. However, as it was in some other sections above, the section is non-available.

Also there's a menu in the top which has some sections. Here's the page which appears when you click on a photo in the Photos section:

And here's the Members section from the top menu:

So, this says that there are no members to show. However there are a lot of profiles in the site which you can see in if you click on the menu item Members. This is certainly a bug.

So, in one section it says – No results to show and in another it shows a lot of users…

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