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eMeeting Designing tool review | By: kubrikk

This dating script review will talk about a feature in eMeeting dating software package which is intended to customize the look of the site via admin panel.

This tool is located in the admin panel and is accessible by the administrator. Means that the tool is not for the customization of the eMeeting driven web-site by its users, but it is intended for admin use only. That’s why I’ll not name it a customization tool, but a designing tool. This feature is a good one if you’re not familiar with HTML, CSS and Smarty but want to change the colors of your site, upload your own logo or chose it from the gallery which is available in the software.

Let’s test that feature point by point and write this dating script review.

There are 5 sections which we’ll review in this article:

- Color Schemes

- Web Site Logo

- Theme Images

- Home Page Text

- Website T&C

Color Schemes

The section is intended to chose the color scheme from the included gallery or create your own color scheme.

There are 8 predefined color schemes which you can chose from or you can create your own color scheme for your eMeeting driven web-site:

This is like a WYSIWYG editor similar to the tools of Dreamweaver and Front Page. Click into the field and a color picker will appear. This is a nice feature. The fields are commented and even a newbie in computers will understand what it means.

Web Site Logo

The site can have a text logo or a graphical one, as you like. The section gives you an opportunity to upload your own logo, if you have one, or chose a graphical logo from the gallery, which is included in the package.

This section also contains a color picker for the text logos and slogans. This will be a good alternative for you if you want to somehow customize your eMeeting web-site and you're not familiar with HTML and CSS.

Let's continue this eMeeting review.

Theme Images

As I’m on the demo site, this feature is disabled. That’s why I can just guess that this option is intended to change the images on the site which are creating the template itself. However I don't think that this is a suitable option as usually themes consist of non-independent images. If you change one image, it should have the same styles and colors of the rest of the images being used on the site. If such a change was so easy, this feature wouldn't be disabled. This is just my own point of view and not a fact. So, don't take it into the consideration.

Home Page Text

This feature in eMeeting admin demo is disabled as well. But I can guess that this option is intended to change the static text on the main page of your web-site.

Website T&C

The section is intended to change the Terms and Conditions text of your web-site. It is just a textbox where you should write your text. The only thing which concerns me is that there is no default text or template which you’ll be able to change. For a newbie it will be hard to write a brand new Terms and Conditions document from a scratch. I think that eMeeting team should take it into the consideration.

This is all what I wanted to talk about in this eMeeting review. The feature is good to be used by admin to somehow customize the web-site. But the tool can't be used as a customization tool for the users of the web-site. The tool is well implemented, commented, easy to use. However with this feature you’ll not be able to change the layout of the site and appearance of the boxes on the web-site. This is just for changing the colors and logo, nothing more.

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