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eMeeting review | By: raitzinger

This dating software review will talk about a software solution, which, as the company states, is a dating and community software in one package. I want to check everything. So, I'm writing this eMeeting review to give you an idea on what eMeeting can do and what it is good and bad for.

The software has a not bad set of features, however there is something which confuses me. The software has applications from Userplane.com – Webchat 2, Webmessenger 2 and Webrecorder. Those major features are from Userplane.com, which, as we know, is a solution for which you’ll have to pay monthly, depending on the simultaneous connections. But eMeeting doesn't mention anything concerning that monthly fee to be paid for Userplane.com modules. Not so good…

Let’s make a point by point dating software review.

1. License types.

Monthly license – 35 USD

Includes free hosting (optional), free installation and setup plus free support and software upgrades for the length of your license.

Full license – 295 USD

Includes free hosting (optional), free installation and setup plus 12 months free support and software upgrades.

We see that only 12 months support and software upgrades are included in the price. However the site of the developer company doesn't contain any information concerning the price if you want to extend the support and upgrades. Maybe you'll have to pay full license type which is 295 USD? At least they could write something about it…

Also there is a 75 USD fee if you want to remove the brand of eMeeting from your web-site.

2. System requirements.

* Operating System: Linux, Unix, Windows

* Web Server: Apache

* Scripting Language: PHP 4.3 or above

* Database: MySQL 4.02 or above

* Ioncube Support - (Can be setup free during the software install if not already available. )

* Optional: Flash hosting service (We recommend  http://influxis.com)

The last line I want to show with a screen capture:

That’s not a good manner to write “Host Mosnter” when you should write Host Monster. Typo? This is my own point of view, but if a company doesn't pay attention to the way their site looks and works, that company doesn't support its customers' sites well.

Let’s get back to the system requirements. The fact that Ioncube Support is mentioned in the list of the system requirements means that the files of the software are encrypted. However eMeeting states that it is possible to make modifications in the software. If it is so, why they don't mention how many and which files are encrypted? I don't think that it is fair. The customers should know what they can do and what they can't.

Let’s continue this dating software review and try the demo of user part of eMeeting.

3. Look/design.

There are several default templates shown for the demo. I’m using the one with name Pink.

I test all the demo sites in IE6. If the site looks good in that browser, it will look and work good in any browser. This design is not bad. Correctly chosen and shiny colors. However I don’t understand why they’ve put just Asian girls on the main page? The site doesn’t say – Asian dating site or Korean dating site, it is just a common dating site, besides of it – it is a DEMO. Demo sites shouldn’t be for specific area, region or race. This is a development and marketing lack.

Besides of it I see several lacks in the implementation of the layout:

Don’t think that they’ve created the layout in such a way to write half of the text on white background and the other half on light blue picture. This is just a lack. Here how that part looks in FireFox 3.0.6:

Well, even the color is different in different browsers.

Another issue:

And here how it looks in FireFox.

Is it so hard to create a site and layout which works and looks the same in all browsers? This is a solution which costs money and that solution shouldn't have such lacks in the implementation. Or you should make the users enter your site with FireFox only. Don't know how you can manage to do it.

Another lack. This time it is not a lack of the implementation of the template, but the software:

Details of that error are as follows:

A lot of bugs and lacks so far. Let's try to register.

4. Registration.

At the registration process we can see the following statement:

The system states that you can enter a username up to 15 characters in length. But all what I could enter – 10 characters only:

The problem is not that 10 characters are not enough for the usernames. The problem is that the software doesn't work as it is stated on the web-site itself. It is not professional to write 15 characters in length when in fact the field will not let you enter more than 10 characters.

At the next stage (after clicking on Submit) there is a field to chose the country, just under that field there is a drop down list of the cities in that country. But when you change the country, the list of the cities in that country doesn't load. For default the cities of England are available there, for all countries:

So, I’ve chosen Qatar and London. Interesting, isn’t it? The script doesn't check the entered data. I've successfully registered with the following phone “number”:

I've logged in, but see the following:

The scarlet bar is a loading bar, but it doesn't load anything. It is stuck there and nothing is loading on the page. Besides of it the status bar again shows an error:

Another lack of template implementation:

The look of that same box in FireFox:

I will not pay money for a software which works in FireFox only.

OK. Don't want to go any further in this section. Didn't find any part in this eMeeting software which looks and works the same in both main browsers.

5. Admin panel.

Let's see the admin panel of eMeeting:

Another lack of template implementation. The word is out of the border. OK. I'll not continue mentioning lacks in this eMeeting review. Seems they are a lot and I will not finish this dating software review if I continue mentioning them all.

The admin panel is not bad. You can manage all the parts of your site through there. In demo mode the changes are disabled, so I couldn't check how the admin panel works, could just see it.

6. Usability.

The menu parts are implemented on a high level. At least something which I liked in eMeeting.

7. Support.

One year support and updates are included in the price of eMeeting. But I didn't find any information concerning the extension of that support after the first year. This is important information which is missing from the web-site of the company. I could see the following:

But when you click on it, it brings the following:

Don't think that on-line documentation can be seen as 24/7 support…

And here what we can see in the Contact section of eMeeting web-site:

Seems the company works from Monday to Friday and far not 24/7…

This is the end of this eMeeting review. The set of the features is not bad. However the company keeps several things in secret. To be more specific, the company doesn't mention the price of the modules from Userplane.com. Doesn't mention those features to be free too. Also IonCube is needed on the server, but no mention concerning the files which are encrypted. A lot of lacks in the implementation of the template and the software itself. Seems that the template is created to work in FireFox only, which is not good.

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