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BestDatingScript Review | By: Shark

This dating software review will be about a relatively new software with name BestDatingScript. Don’t find the name of the software too professional. Usually such “best” things are the worst. Well, no need to judge the software by its name. In the end of this BestDatingScript review we’ll see how good or bad the script is. The first thing which I want to pay your attention to is the absence of information concerning the source code – it is open or encrypted. Searched the whole site of BestDatingScript but didn’t find any information about it. The package of BestDatingScript includes really few features. Doesn’t offer any plug-ins or features which can be purchased separately. There are almost 20 features included in the package and, by the way, the script is not cheap. I’ve seen a lot of scripts which have more features but with less price than BestDatingScript. So, let’s write a BestDatingScript review step by step.

  • License types.
  • There are 3 license types under which BestDatingScript is being sold: Hosted package – 18 USD a month. Includes the following:
    • Hosting (no informaction conserning the disc space, bandwidth),
    • Full featured,
    • Free Marketing assistance,
    • Installation included,
    • 1 Free Theme.
    Professional package – 199 USD. Includes the following:
    • Free support (the only package which has support included),
    • Free Marketing assistance,
    • Free upgrades (the only package which has free upgrades),
    • 1 Free Theme.
    Enterprise package – 325 USD. Includes the following:
    • Installation,
    • Copyright removal,
    • Free Marketing assistance,
    • Instant Messenger,
    • Unlimited themes.
    Want to say a couple of words regarding the last point of Enterprise package license type. What does “unlimited” mean in this case? Here is the explanation of that word according to the Websters dictionary: unlimited
    having no limits in range or scope So, how is it possible to use adjective unlimited with themes? Even 100 billions is limited and I doubt that the company has even 10 or 100 themes, not talking about 100 billions which is limited as well. Another thing. The web-site of the company shows only 3 templates: The “Click here to see more templates” link takes you to the Features page where the features of the software are listed. Sure, no templates are shown there. Why does BestDatingScript tell a thing which has nothing to do with the reality? Let's proceed with this dating software review.

  • System requirements.
  • The web-site of the company doesn't contain any information concerning the system requirements for the software work. Only one of the license types includes hosting, for the others you'll need to get a hosting account by yourself. But how do I suppose to know the requirements which I should be seeking for? No information about that on the web-site of BestDatingScript.

  • Design/look.
  • For BestDatingScript review I'm using Internet Explorer 6.0. The software uses a simply performed layout and unshiny design: This is the first dating site where I see a list of the users on the main page, a list and nothing more.

    The words “Username” and “Password” are bigger than the appropriate fields. Looks awful. The color of the text in the “Username” field is light gray. Hard to see what you've typed there. Let's register at BestDatingScript demo site and try to use it. Again, light gray text on a white background. Hard to read what's written there. Registered, logged in, but didn’t find any interesting thing which I could use. Just an internal mail system, photo rating and forum, nothing else. Let's see what we can do with BestDatingScript admin panel.

  • Admin panel.
  • Let’s see what we can do with admin panel of BestDatingScript. Didn’t find any place where you can edit languages or create a new language. There are only 2 languages in the pack – English and Dutch. Seems you’re stuck with those 2 languages. There is no possibility to edit the registration fields, delete some unneeded fields or add some new ones. I see a Template/Page Manager section. Let’s see what we can do with it. Seems you can just change some statical content in the statical pages. It is not possible to edit HTML, change the layout or make any other changes. Pretty bad.

  • Custom design.
  • There is no custom design option available. Although the company states “unlimited themes” I didn’t see more than 3 themes on the web-site of BestDatingScript. There is no themes to purchase, it is not possible to edit the themes through admin panel.

  • Support.
  • BestDatingScript states “Free support” available for the license type “Professional Package”. The support is available through Live Chat from the web-site of BestDatingScript and through the ticketing system. However all I could see was the following: Well, if even Sales support is not available, what can we expect from the AFTER-sales support? Pretty disappointed with this BestDatingScript. No need to use the words “Best”, “Unlimited”, “Largest” when you can’t even fulfill the least. This is my point of view, the rest is up to you. The end of this dating software review.  

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