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BusinessSpace Profile Advertis... | By: Paullll

There are several features in BusinessSpace software which I want to talk about. Separate reviews regarding each of them would be too short, that’s why I’ve decided to combine them in this business collaboration software review.

Here’s the list of the features I’ll talk about in this BusinessSpace review:

- Profile Advertiser,
- Classifieds,
- Events,
- Groups.

From the titles of 3 features we can understand what they are for. But let’s review them one by one and see how they work and what they do.

The registration process on BusinessSpace is pretty easy, that's why I'll pass this step and use the demo username and password for this business collaboration script review.

Let's assume that I'm registered and have just logged into the system.

So, let’s go on with this business collaboration software review and start from the first point listed above – Profile Advertiser.

Profile Advertiser.

First of all we should find that section. I think that it is logical that it should be in the Profile section, since the name of the feature is Profile Advertiser :)

Here’s the section taken by the link “Advertise Me!”

Quick note – in order to be able to advertise your profile, you should have a “Premier” account type. Though it can be defined by the site admin. If you wish, you can set all the features to be free for all. I’ve seen it in the admin section of BusinessSpace.

Now let’s see what fields you should fill here.

Ad Title:
Ad Body:
What keywords tigger when your ad is displayed:

Well, those fields are like the fields which you should enter ordering any AdSense advertisement. I think that it is not necessary to talk about them in this BusinessSpace review.

I’ve filled the fields above and clicked on the “Preview>>” button:

This is the preview of your ad which will be shown to the visitors of the site.

After seeing the preview of the ad you can either go back and make changes or post the ad:

That’s all with the Profile Advertiser feature of BusinessSpace. The next feature we’ll talk about is “Classifieds”.


First of all let’s see what Wikipedia says about Classifieds:

Classified advertising is a form of advertising which is particularly common in newspapers, online and other periodicals, e.g. free ads papers or Pennysavers. Classified advertising differs from standard advertising or business models in that it allows private individuals (not simply companies or corporate entities) to solicit sales for products and services.

So, classifieds are advertisements of various types. Let’s see how they work in BusinessSpace.

Classifieds are located in the Explore menu:

Here we see 3 links for Classifieds – My Classifieds, Browse Classifieds, Post Classified. Let’s visit each of them.

- My Classifieds:

Here you can see your posted ads, edit them or delete.

- Browse Classifieds:

This section shows the classifieds posted by all the users. The classifieds can be searched by keywords. Also they are categorized. Chose a category and will see the classifieds you’re interested in.

- Post Classified:

Here you’ll post your ad:

Let’s see what fields you should chose and fill here:

After choosing the Category of your ad, the subcategory list will be loaded automatically.

Posting Title: - the title of your AD
Price, US$: - price, if you sell something or salary, if this is a job advertisement,
Description: - the description of the item you sell or job position description.
Also you can fill in the address, if needed and upload up to 3 images regarding the item.

Fill in or chose values of the fields, click on the “Preview!” button and you’ll see how your ad will look like:

If you have something to change, click on “Edit” or click “Post” if everything is OK :)


This BusinessSpace review continues a chapter about Events feature.

The events section links are available in the same Explore section of the menu:

Three links regarding events are available here – My Events, Browse Events, Post Events.

Let's see each of them for this business collaboration software review.

- My Events:

The section shows information regarding the events you're organizing and the events you're attending:

- Browse events:

Here you can either search for an Event or see the events sorted by the letters of alphabet.

- Post events:

Here you'll be able to post information regarding the event you're organizing:

Just fill in the forms and click on the “Preview” button to see how your event announcement will look. Then either go back to make changes or post it. The same as with other features of this kind in BusinessSpace.

And the last feature I want to talk about in this BusinessSpace review is Groups.


The links to manage and see the Groups are located in the Explore menu.

- Browse Groups:

The section shows all the groups available on the BusinessSpace driven web-site:

Here you can search for a group by a keyword or search by Industry.

- My Groups:

This section shows the groups which you’ve created and the groups where you’re a member.

- Create a Group:

Here you can create your own interest group. Will need to enter the name of the group, chose the industry, fill in the group description, add a group image, if you wish, and also you can chose to create the group as a Public group or as a Private group.

That’s all. Click on the “Create” button and your new group will be created.

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