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BusinessSpace Contacts Importe... | By: superbob

Nowadays it is very popular to invite your friends to your group or community. A lot of contact importers are being created and added to various sites. Such a tool is available in BusinessSpace too. This will talk about the Contacts Importer tool of BusinessSpace script. The registration process on BusinessSpace is pretty easy, that's why I'll pass this step and use the demo username and password for this business collaboration script review.

Let's assume that I'm registered and have just logged into the system. In order to get to the section of the contacts importer we should proceed to the following section as shown on the screen shot:

Got the following page where we can see some fields and buttons to chose the systems you’re inviting people from:

I suppose that the fields on the left are intended to fill in the contacts of the persons you want to invite which are not from the services shown on the right. This is like a mass mail tool for the users of the site. It is a useful feature here. I think that there is no need to clarify the fields, it is already clear from their titles.

Let's continue this BusinessSpace review.

The system gives you an opportunity to invite your friends from Gmail, Yahoo, MSN and Orkut. So, let's see how we suppose to send the invitations.


After clicking on the GMail logo, got the following page:

Here we should enter our GMail login and Password and then the system will ask us to chose the contacts which we want to send the invitation to join our community.


After clicking on the Yahoo logo, got the following page:

Here you'll need to enter your Yahoo ID and password and the system will show you the contacts from which you'll be able to chose to send an invitation letter to.


The same information is needed here. After entering the Login and Password and clicking on Login button, the system will show you those contacts which already use this BusinessSpace driven web-site. And then you’ll be able to invite those users to join your community.


The same actions are needed for the MSN service.

Well. There is not so many things to write about for this feature of BusinessSpace. The only thing which I want to mention here, that the feature is very nice. Sometimes you can’t even imagine that all your friends are using the same site. That’s why such contact importers and invite tools are very suitable to find those people and invite them to join your group or community.

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