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BusinessSpace Profile Editor t... | By: futurale

The profile is your face on a web-site and it is very important for a profile to give full information regarding the user. This business collaboration software review will talk about the profile editor of BusinessSpace script. Usually software packages have quite a few fields to be filled in the profile. But in this case there are a lot of various fields. That's why I want to talk about them in this BusinessSpace review. The registration process on BusinessSpace is pretty easy, that's why I'll pass this step and use the demo username and password for this business collaboration script review.

Let's assume that I'm registered and have just logged into the system. In order to get to the section to edit the profile we should proceed to the following section as shown on the screen shot:

The Profile Editor page is very large, that's why I'll put screens part by part.

In this section you should enter basic information about yourself:

- First Name,
- Last Name,
- About me,
- Your Location,
- Birth Date,
- Gender,
- Why you are on the site.

I think that there is no need to explain the meaning of the above listed fields. Everything is clear from their names already.

Let’s continue this BusinessSpace review.

This section contains information regarding the main occupation of the user. The fields are as follows:

- Industry – contains a really huge list of all possible industries worldwide. So, your users will find the one they need.
- Years in Business – values – 1, 1-2, 2-5, 5+. This just shows your experience in that particular industry.
- Organization Size – values – 1-10, 10-100, 100-500, 500+. Shows how many employees your organization has.
- Organization Name – the name of your organization.
- Job Title,
- Job Description,
- From … To – this shows how many years you’ve been in that industry and organization.

Also there is a link to add a set of the same fields as mentioned above, in case you've changed your work several times.

The next screen of this BusinessSpace review.

- Web-site address – this is the URL of your company's web-site, if you have one.
- Keywords to find you – a very important thing in this portal. The search can be performed by such keywords which users enter in their profiles. Relevant keywords will bring you more customers and business contacts.
- Products/services offered – I think that it is already clear what is meant here. Just one thing I want to mention that the field has formatting tools which is great.
- Industry experience – the field is intended to fill information regarding your experience. This is like a CV in a free form.
- Awards Recognitions - information regarding the awards you won.
- Affiliated Organizations – information regarding the organizations you’re affiliated with, companies which you work with and which can say good things about you :)
- Clients/Customers – information regarding the customers you had, products you’ve created, etc.

This section contains information regarding the College or University you’ve graduated from.

- College/University – the name of your college or university.
- Degree – possible values – Bachelor, Magister, Ph.D.
- Attended from:
- Area of Study:

In case you have graduated from more than one college/university (like me :) there is a link “+ Add College” which will add a new set of the same fields as you can see above.

Almost the same section as above, but just for your high school.

And the last set of the fields to be discussed in this business collaboration script review.

This set of fields is intended to store some basic information about the person, interests, hobbies, etc. Just to give others some information about what kind of person it is, what interests that person has. Sometimes it is easier to get acquainted with a person which you have common interests with and then proceed with business relations :) That’s why this set is a pretty necessary one.

Well. I think that I’m done with this BusinessSpace review. I’ve tried to review this feature of BusinessSpace so you can see what you can use it for. The feature is well implemented, as well as the rest of the features in this solution.

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