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Review of Community Builder fe... | By: desperado

This business community script review will be about a feature of BusinessSpace with name Community Builder. According to the web-site of the company which has created this LinkedIn clone, this feature is intended to create a customized community page. Communities are the core of a BusinessSpace driven web-site. Each user can create his/her own community and customize its look, chose colors, upload background images. This is how I understand the word “customization”. In this BusinessSpace review we’ll see how the company has implemented that feature and how much customizable this solution can be considered.

I've already registered so I will pass that step in this business community script review.

I'm registered and logged in. Now let's find the community builder. It is logical that a community builder should be in the Communities menu. Let's see what submenus the Communities menu has:

It has one submenu – Browse All. That's because I haven't created any community yet :) Clicked on Browse All submenu:

Here I see all the communities categorized by their type. And there I can see a link “Create a Community!”. Let's see how we can create a community here and what kind of information you'll need to put at that stage:

Name your Community: This is the name of your future community.

Desired Community Address: Each community will get its own short address. That address is being defined by the URL of the BusinessSpace driven web-site and a name of the folder which you put at this stage.

What type of community is this?: This option has 2 possible values – Public and Private. If you chose there Public, anybody will be able to access your community clicking on “Request an access” button. And if you chose Private, the users, which want to access your community, will have to ask you for an invitation.

Estimated Community Size: This is the amount of the users you expect to join your community.

Is your Community Regional Specific?: If yes, chose your country, if not, do not chose anything.

Primary industry your organization represents: This is the industry which your company and community represents.

Enter keywords to find your community: Means that each community will have its own keywords which you put there. It is a good to be indexed by search engines.

Community Description: This is for the search engines too and to give an idea to the others what your community represents and what it is about.

Here how I’ve filled:

Got another 2 fields after clicking on the button “Next >>”:

Who can show ads on your community?: Three values there – BusinessSpace post ads, I will post ads, No ads. If you chose the first option, the administration of your BusinessSpace driven web-site will be able to post ads in your community pages. The second option will let you post ads on your community by yourself. And the third option will disable ads in your community. Everything is logical and anybody can understand it. It is nice.

Charge to network within your community?: Two values here – The membership is free and Yes, I will take money for membership. I think that it is already clear what those options are for.

The community is created and we can continue this BusinessSpace review.

Here how the community looks by default:

Now let’s customize it.

Let’s take a look at the Communities menu once again:

Clicked on the My Communities submenu:

Here we see the community which we’ve just created. So, let’s Edit it and customize for this business community script review:

Got the section to which we were going during this BusinessSpace review:

Here is the first part of the community builder tool of BusinessSpace. There are so many options there that they didn’t fit on one screen :) Let’s write a detailed business community script review for each of them. We’ll start from the “Header Color” as the first 6 fields we’ve already discussed above.

Header Color: This is the color of the following part (red background):

Title Color: This is the color of the title of your community. In our case it is SuperLab with white color.

Description Color: This is the color of the text of your community description which is being shown just under your community’s name:

In our case it is written in white.

Page Color: This is the main color of the background of your community page.

Let’s go ahead and see the options which didn’t fit in the previous screen shot:

BG Images:

Head Background Image: This image will appear in your site's header. At the moment we have a red background there. If you chose there a picture and click on Save settings, it will have such a look:

Page Background Image: Here you can chose a picture to be the background image of your community page.

Groups Administration: Here you can set the quantity of the groups which will be shown on your community page.

News Administration: Here you can set the quantity of the news which will be shown on your community page.

Forums Administration: Here you can set the quantity of the forums which will be shown on your community page.

Classifieds Administration: Here you can set the quantity of the classifieds which will be shown on your community page.

Events Administration: Here you can set the quantity of the events which will be shown on your community page.

Jobs Administration: Here you can set the quantity of the job announcements which will be shown on your community page.

Members Administration: The section is intended to perform a search of the users which have joined your community. The search can be performed by Name, Company name and Occupation. Besides of it, the search is based on AJAX which is very comfortable. The results will be shown without reloading of the page. I've searched for myself to show you how it works :)

Here's an example of a customized community page:

I've written this BusinessSpace review testing the demo site of BusinessSpace. I didn't use any documentation, any manual which means that the software is easy to operate if even you're using it for the first time.

The Profile Builder tool gives you an ability to change the look, colors, backgrounds of your community page. The word “customization” is fully suitable to be used with this feature as a fully customized page can be created with it without being familiar with any complicated technology.

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