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BusinessSpace review | By: brugge

This business collaboration software review will talk about a software solution with name BusinessSpace. This software is intended to create a web-site like the famous www.linkedin.com

To be more specific, this software is intended to create a business community where professionals meet, share their experience, create groups of interests, post job announcements, etc. This is the only software of such kind. At least I didn’t find any other solution for business collaboration sites.

Let’s get acquainted with BusinessSpace and write a BusinessSpace review.

1. System requirements.

- PHP 5.1 and higher,

- MySQL 4.1 and higher,

- Linux/Unix (RedHat, Debian, FreeBSD, Mandrake, etc.) or Windows OS,

- Apache Web-Server with .htaccess support,


- GD Lib 2.0 and higher

- ionCube Loader for the license files

I see ionCube Loader, means some of the files are encrypted. I’ve called the company which produces BusinessSpace and they’ve told me that the encoded files are for the license key checking purposes and those files are not needed for the modifications. Means that you’ll be able to edit the software and make it suitable for your needs.

The software doesn’t need any special thing installed on the server and it is good. Any modern and cheap hosting account will be suitable for the software work.

2. License types.

BusinessSpace is being sold under 4 different license types. Though, those license types have minor differences. Let’s get acquainted with the license types:

Single Domain License - $697
Single Domain License with Free Installation, the software can be installed on one domain. You get a ready-made design with your software.

Single Domain License + Unique Design - $797
Single Domain License with Free Installation, the software can be installed on one domain. We make a unique design for you.

Multi Domain License - $897
Multi Domain License with Free Installation, the software can be installed on up to 5 domains. You get a ready-made design with your software.

Multi Domain License + Unique Design - $997
Multi Domain License with Free Installation, the software can be installed on up to 5 domains. We create a unique design for you.

So, the difference between the license types is the amount of the domains you can install the software on and a custom design to be created by the designers of the company.

I’ve checked with the support team and they’ve confirmed that the set of the features is not different in different license types. Everything is the same, support and updates are included in all of them, as well as a free installation. Pretty good.

Let’s continue this business collaboration software review.

3. Design/layout. There is one default template available in the package of BusinessSpace. If you purchase the software with Unique Design option (more 100 USD), the designers of the company will create a design according to your wishes, ideas, sketches and examples.

Now let’s test the demo site with the default template and see how it looks and works.

Well. I like what I see. Good performed design. Well chosen and combined colors. A clear Web 2.0 design which is suitable for a business site. Nothing superfluous.

Let’s register and use BusinessSpace.

4. Registration.

The registration process can be started from the main page of the software. Fill in your First name, Last Name, E-mail and click on Join Now. You’ll be taken to the second stage of the registration:

After the registration, BusinessSpace sends a letter with a confirmation link to the e-mail address which you've mentioned at the registration. This is a nice feature to avoid registrations with fake e-mail addresses.

I've checked my e-mail, clicked on the confirmation link and I'm ready to use this demo site for BusinessSpace review.

The login form has a validity check feature based on AJAX. When you enter your e-mail address and password and click on the Login button, the system checks the username and password without reloading the page. If the password or e-mail address is invalid, it shows you an alert with the message. This is a good feature:

OK. I'm logged in :)

Pretty nice look. I like this clear design and the usability of BusinessSpace. The site loads fast and works fine in all major browsers.

Let’s continue this business collaboration software review.

I'll walk through the menu items and see what BusinessSpace includes.

Contact importer is a very important feature for a community web-site, even if it is a business community. It is very nice that BusinessSpace has such a feature.

There is an ability to put AdSense codes into the software and they'll be shown on the pages of your BusinessSpace driven web-site. This is a nice ability of the software. If even you set your community to be free for all, you can earn on advertisement.

Now let's see for what you can charge the users of your web-site.

Well, you can set everything to be paid features or you can set them to be free for all. The paid membership is called “Premier”. If you want to access a feature, for example, Create a Group, which is available for Premier users, the system will ask you to pay for that membership type:

Chose the timeframe and click on Proceed. You’ll be taken to 2CheckOut site to pay using your PayPal account or credit card. This means that the software has 2CheckOut payment system integrated.

All you will need to do, put your 2CO account ID into the appropriate field of admin panel (we’ll see that section later in this BusinessSpace review).

As we can see from 2CO site, BusinessSpace has recurring payment option. That is good and professional.

This BusinessSpace review continues a chapter about the admin panel. The same professional look is available here as well.

In admin panel you can configure and customize your web-site. Admin panel has a good usability too. There aren't any complicated options, everything is clear and even a novice will be able to manage this solution.

Let’s visit some of the submenus in admin panel.


Here the admin can edit the static texts on the web-site. This is very good. This makes the software customizable. You'll not need to dig in the html files to change something, everything is being done via admin panel, with a visual editor.


I like this software more and more. Here you can put your AdSense codes and they'll be shown on the pages of your web-site. No need to do anything in the software files, just put the code in the admin.


For default BusinessSpace has English language. But in admin panel you can translate it into the languages you need. Here is the look of that section:


Each page of the site can have its own meta tags. It is very good. Nowadays having a good and professional site is not enough to succeed. Your site should be found by search engines. That’s why Meta tags are very important. And it is nice that in BusinessSpace you can place different descriptions and titles for different pages. Search engines love it :)


Mass-mail with a WYSIWYG editor. You can send newsletters to your users, advertisements or announcements. This is a good feature too.


This section is intended to edit the template files, in case you want to change some colors, styles or layout items. Nice usability is available here as well. The pages are categorized, so you’ll find what you need very fast.

And the last menu item which I want to pay your attention to is the Payments submenu:

Simple radio buttons to enable or disable the paid mode of the features. Here you can also configure the prices and see all the payments done through the payment system:

I like the admin panel of BusinessSpace. Everything can be configured and customized.

OK. I'm finishing this part of this business collaboration software review. I've done my best to make a good research and show you the solution in the way I see it.

6. Custom design.

There is one default template available in BusinessSpace package. As it was mentioned above, for more 100 USD the company creates a custom design according to your wishes and ideas.

7. Usability.

Implemented on a high level. No unneeded links or static pictures of menu items are available. The users will not be lost even visiting the site for the first time. This is an advantage. If a user finds your site too complicated to use, that user will leave your site and not return any more. It will not happen with BusinessSpace.

8. Support.

The price of the software includes lifetime free 24/7 support. A phone number is available on the top of the web-site and it is nice. I've called and the call was answered by a support specialist while I was calling on Saturday. This is good.

I'm finishing this business collaboration software review. BusinessSpace is a good implemented solution with a reasonable price. From the advantages of the software I can mention the relatively low price, a lot of features, lifetime free support and updates. The default template delivered in the package is well designed. Also the company offers custom design option for more 100 USD. Didn't find any lack of implementation. The software works fine in all major browsers. I like what I've seen here.

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