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webDate review | By: rhombus

Yet another dating software review which will talk about a solution with name webDate. This is one of the packages produced by WebScribble. The software has not too many features. The standard package includes only 19 features, several others can be purchased additionally. But the most important thing is not the quantity, but the quality. So, I’m writing this webDate review to find out how good or bad it is.

Let's make a point by point dating software review.

1. System requirements.

• PHP 4.1.2 or higher with safe_mode disabled

• Zend Optimizer 2.6.2 or higher

• Unix/Linux or Windows Apache webserver (Windows IIS Servers are not compatible with webDate)

• MySQL database

• FTP access

• HTML experience if you wish to modify the templates

The last line is interesting:

HTML experience if you wish to modify the templates

Is that the list of the server requirements or the requirements of the owner of the site? Have never seen such a requirement for the server…

We can see Zend Optimizer in the list of the requirements. Conclusion – the software is encrypted. But webDate could just mention the files which are encrypted, or what kind of modification is possible.

2. Pricing. webDate for one domain – 199 USD

Multilanguage support – 99 USD

Premium template 1 – 45 USD

Premium template 2 – 45 USD

Live Chat – 99 USD

Live Video – 149 USD

ZIP Code Locator – 50 USD

Photo Rating – 50 USD

Forum – 50 USD

Authorize.net – 40 USD


PayPal - 40 USD

WorldPay - 40 USD

So, with the main package for 199 USD you can't even charge your users, there is no Live Chat or VideoChat. You'll need to get all those things separately.

The price includes support for 12 months, but there is no information concerning the price if you want to get support after the first 12 months have passed.

Let's try the demo of webDate for this dating software review.

3. Design/look.

The look of webDate is not bad, however I don’t understand why the content is aligned to left. Too much empty space. This is not comfortable.

The colors are well chosen and the site looks good.

The following thing is a security lack:

We can see the PHPSESSID in the address bar which can be used to gain unauthorized access. Such things should be paid attention to. This is a paid solution.

Here should be a link on “read more”. However there is no link there:

Let’ register and dig deeper.

4. Registration.

Pretty simple registration field. No input check, no mention regarding the obligatory fields. Also there is not a place to chose the city, you can just chose the country of residence.

I’ve registered and logged in.

Well, the first thing which I want to pay your attention at. I’m registered and logged in. Then what is the use of REGISTER and SIGN IN buttons in the main menu? Don’t like such static menus. Dating site is a dynamic site and everything should be dynamic there. This shows the level of on which the implementation is held.

The layout seems to be from the middle of 90-s. The main menu, which is not needed when you’re logged in is bigger than the menu which you need to use there:

Don’t see anything which I can use here. No any kind of chats or messaging systems. No upload sections. webDate says:

And where are those things? Where is the upload video clip section, member blogs, photo slideshow? Not so good to announce things which are not available.

Let’s continue webDate review.

5. Admin panel.

Admin panel looks like Windows XP folder view:

Here we see Forum, Live Chat, Live Video, etc., but we didn’t see all those things in webDate user part.

Let’s go to Site Configuration and see what we can configure there.

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