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awful support | By: Darky111

hello to everyone i will tell you about my expirience with this soft. exactly soft i couldnt have chance to test more then demo on dating pro website. first i wanted to write about them, but then was busy and calm a bit down, but right now i got message from them and decided that it is enough, so i will write my story. we had a customer who needed such soft. as from our and customer view point it was good enough to buy it. this company on their site has proposition to make a reseller agreement, it proposed to became a reseller and save 30% from the first buying and then 50% from the next. So if we have such a chance to save this money why to don’t use it? That’s was a big mistake from one side and good from another. So we fill the form on the site. We got back message that they will send us resellers agreement. We was wait several days and ask what happened? they tell us that they need to change something in agreement. Ok, so it took 2 weeks to “change something”. All these time we tried to contact manager, but no answer, even in live chat sometimes their “wait a moment” took several hours. As we get it, we send directly information that they need to finish agreement. So after 3 days silence we were fed up with it and we write that we cant wait so long, so we bought another software, skadate, same day we pay, same day it was installed, same day we can start to use it and for every our question we get fast and full answer. Then we got message from manager with finalized agreement. Imagine, it tooks 3 days!!! until they insert in word document the name. manager said that we have already get link for payment from another manager. We said, forget about, we start to use already another software. Of course, mail with excuses and proposition of discounts and so on. We said, no, thanks. But that’s was not finished, in some days we got link for payment from another manager. It seems, communication inside the company completely absent. So that’s was final mail, after we decide to write our story . i don’t know, if it is happened only with us. But this slow service cant be that slow, how they can make business in this case? What if we need customization of software, how long it will take? And what support we can have in future? Maybe it is too much private and emotions, but think about and test their service and support before you buy this software. Here it is needed a proof, sadly we deleted our mails and live chat conversations, but you can test it by yourself.

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