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Way too many Bugs, looks like ... | By: uniquesoulmate

Let me start with the introduction. I've been working in IT since 2002. Quality Assurance/Business Analysis and PM. My current title-QA Manager. I purchased PG Dating in 2009 with the intention to start online dating business. Website: www.uniquesoulmate.com I cannot tell you how many hours I spent since 2009 testing this script! It looks like pilotgroup.net doesn't have test/qa team. Software has never been tested (probably one Dev who is also a QA for the same product). Last month my dating script has been upgraded by the team, and it looks like most of the old Bugs are back! Because I started with this dating script, I really feel like I failed, and I have no motivation to continue investing my time and my money in this business. Hours and hours working with the broken code. Almost 70% is a non-working code. I can prove it by creating and sharing a Bug tracking DB with all the defects logged (if someone is actually interested in it). Yes, they have a pretty good customer support. Always open to fix the defects. But I cannot work as a QA for a product sold to me as a Release, not a Beta version. PGdating is based on the Open Source script www.tufat.com OS Dating. OS Dating is free. So, I would give it a 3 out of 10. That's all at this point. You have to deliver a working code to your customers, and not a playground for a tester

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