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Pilot Group dating software | By: hellodeb

Warning, warning, warning! Do not purchase Pilot group dating software. The software works out of the box but if you plan on modifying it, it can become a nightmare. The software is pretty thorny and contains lots of includes. When changing one thing it will break something else. It has a lot of spaghetti code and obscurities. They have set it up this way so you have to depend on them to make the changes. We submitted our changes to them and it took 3 weeks to get back to us with how much it would coast. By then it was too late and we have decided to program our site from scratch with better software that will not have so many security leeks.

suggestions pls | By: Amy Brown | Jan 5, 2011
hi, can you please suggest me a good and customizable dating software if its really available. i really want to do this and its between freedom and dependence that i am standing and i really need some online business to make my own life and split myself from the main tree. than...
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Pilotgroup-datingpro sucks-do ... | By: maddog | Mar 2, 2010
I've spent $700 on this software, I have to tell you it's been headach ever since. 1).You can not customize this software the way you want without breaking your site. Every little thing you touch will break your site. 2) Customer support sucks. They don't care about the client,...
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