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PG Dating Review | By: JohnReviewer

This dating software review will talk about Dating Pro software from PG Dating scripts family. There are a lot of features mentioned on the web-site of the company. Some parts are being shipped in the main package, the others are being sold as separate modules. Well, having a lot of features is a good advantage for PG Dating, but the most important thing is the work of those features. So, we're going to see how it works and looks.

The web-site of PG Dating lists the following “solutions”:

- Dating Pro

- Dating Pro Niche

- Dating Pro Casual

- Dating Pro Matrimonial

- Social Networking

- Matrimonial

On the same page they don't list the differences between those solutions, but if you take a look at the rest of the pages of the web-site, you'll see that the only difference between those solutions is the template only. That's why I can't understand why they've listed so many solutions when in fact it is one software with different templates? Misleading…?

Another interesting thing about PG Dating license types. They've got 2 license types – encrypted (Basic License) and unencrypted (Open Source License).

Basic License – 399 USD

Open Source License – 699 USD

But PG Dating doesn't say how much encrypted the 399 USD package is. Maybe it's fully encrypted? Who knows…

Here this dating software review goes point by point.

1. System requirements.

- PHP 4.0 or greater (for PHP 5 - MySQL extention should be installed)
- MySQL 3.23.0 or greater. MySQL-encoding: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8_general_ci). MySQL connection compatibility: UTF-8
- Zend Optimizer (software Basic package and Free trial requirement only)
- safe_mode, open_basedir restriction switched off (optional but preferable; Invite Friends module requirement)
- curl - download version requires OpenSSL enabled (Invite Friends module requirement)
- ffmpeg support switched On (required to activate Video2Flash option at your site)
- Cronjobs/scheduler support (necessary for site users to receive auto email alert

Well, PG Dating doesn’t require any extraordinary things. The only thing which you’ll need to pay attention to is the “ffmpeg support switched On” requirement. Not all the hosting companies will have it, so make sure to contact your hosting provider before you get a hosting account with them.

Usually in dating software review I don't talk about the design of the site of the company. But this time I will. I think that there is too much unneeded information on the pages of PG Dating web-site. The pages are overloaded with a lot of bright pictures which don't let you read the text. Don't think that such a web-site should have pictures of that kind.

2. Layout and design of PG Dating software.

Will test the software using the default template. PG Dating uses a pretty simple, CSS and HTML driven template.

Using pretty simple Submit buttons. The words on them even aren't centered.

Let's register and see how the registration process looks and works.

What is the use of the top panel which I've shown with an arrow? Just a graphical part? When I saw it for the first time I thought that this is a menu and that menu is missing its contents. Not a very good implementation of the most important page of the software.

For this dating software review I'm using Internet Explorer 6.0. Here what we can see above the panel I was talking in the previous chapter:

*HINT* There is written “Welcome, guest”, but in a way that I could hardly read. A layout lack, again…

I think that PG Dating should pay more attention to the layout.

WOW! Extremely friendly! The list of the countries consists of Germany and United States, ONLY. What should I do when I'm from Great Britain? Exactly! I should leave that site… But I will not do it now since I'm writing a review on PG Dating.

OK. I'll try to register with the following country:

The values for “City:” are loading a minute already. Don't understand why it works so slow.

At last I’m registered and logged in. Thought I would never succeed…

Well. This lack of PG Dating I even don’t know how to name:

Possilbly the first place in the Internet where you can see the entered password. Seems that PG Dating doesn’t pay attention to the security.

Don’t know why the footer is in the middle of the page.

On the demo site of PG Dating I see some features which are NOT available in the list of the features which are being shipped in the software package. Those features should be purchased separately. An example of that is Forum which is an add-on and costs 10 USD:

Misleading… Again. The prospective customers will see the demo, like it, purchase the package and… find out that a lot of features should be purchased separately. Demo sites should reflect exactly what the customers will get in the main package.

Links to the profiles aren’t SEO friendly:


Search engines will not go through such a link. Means – your site will not be indexed well. Didn’t find any information concerning the Rewrite URL option.

OK. Don’t want to digg further in this chapter of this dating software review as will find more and more misleading things and lacks.

3. Option for custom design.

There are a lot of templates available for sale. But they’re just templates, without integration. So, you’ll need to get a programmer to integrate them into the software. Not so comfortable.

4. Free Trial.

There is a free trial which you can download and test. It’s a good option to test drive it.

5. Admin CP.

A relatively poor admin CP. The most important thing – can’t manage the table fields, add new fields to the registration process. This is an extremely imortant thing. Here the owners of the sites are stuck with all the fields which are defined by the developers. You even can't add new countries to the country list. So, you can use your site with Germany and USA only (which I've shown above).

Seems the end of this dating software review is coming. Found some misleading statements on the web-site of the developer company. In some cases the lack of the provided information can be misleading as well. Admin CP provides you with full control over the PG Dating site but don't have much options to change the configuration, table fields, list of countries and cities. Poor graphics, some lacks in the layout. The site of the developer company doesn't contain any information concerning the encrypted files.

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