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Review on AzDGDating Admin Panel | By: shaker

This dating software review will talk about the Admin Panel of AzDGDating. For this AzDGDating review we’ll be using the Admin Panel demo from the official site of the company. The demo is located over here:


This is the Admin Panel of the Platinum package, the paid one. When you go to that link, it doesn’t bring any login fields, just loads the admin panel itself. I hope it will not work in the same way in the purchased script as well. Not too wise to let the admin panel be accessible without a username and password, even if it is a demo. Here’s the admin panel:

On the left site, as usual, we can see the navigation menu, in this case it is a hierarchic tree. Also the homepage of admin CP of AzDGDating contains quick links to the section of profile approval and other stuff to be checked after you've logged in. But that's the only useful section in the homepage of the admin panel. On the top right corner there's a block “Script News” which loads news from AzDGDating servers, some news stuff, update information, etc. To be honest, I wouldn't use a solution which loads such news content from other sites as I can't be sure that it will not load malware and spyware to my server. That's a big disadvantage to have something like that on the site. Under that block there's a section with name “Hosting Information”. And again, why do you need such a section on the homepage of the admin? Will that hosting information change every day and you have to be aware of it? Simply an unusable box.

Ok. Let’s go on and examine the menu items for this AzDGDating review.

That's the hierarchical tree of the menus. Clicking on the sign “+” will reveal the submenus. Some developers don't consider the admin panel seriously. They think that the site should look good for the users only and it is not absolutely necessary to create something shiny, attractive and user friendly for the administrator. That's a big mistake. The administrator is a simple user as well, not mentioning that he's the owner of the site.

As you can see, there are a lot of sections when you load the Options menu and those sections also have submenus. Seems to be a little bit complicated. To be honest, I got lost there for a while.

So, let's examine the Options menu and see what can be configured and change. One note, as you can see in the screen capture above, the submenu Configuration has an icon and the other submenus don't. That's not professional and user friendly to put icons for some of the menu items and leave the rest with no icons or put a blank list icon like it is done in AzDGDating. Such minor things will cause big problems in the future. Configuration

This is the section to manage the general settings of the site like the name of the web-site (is it the title?) the default template, admin e-mail, amount of the content to be shown in the specified areas, etc.

SEF options

This is the section to configure such called “short URL” –s which are helpful for the site optimization and best indexing by the search engines. However, as you can see above, this section is to be used by a specialist only, as an ordinary user will not be able to define what to change there, why and how. Also, please note the following statement on the top:

So, you’ll still need to manually edit the .htaccess file and make the needed changes there. So, a question rose – what’s the use of this section in admin panel if you will still have to edit the .htaccess manually? Wouldn’t it be better to either create the .htaccess file and put it in the original package or just avoid this section creating a help page somewhere to give an idea on how to make short URL-s? Such sections make admin panels complicated and non user friendly. Please note, if you write something in .htaccess which will not be correct, your site will not work until you fix it. So, be careful with that file.

Moderator’s Options

Here you can add a new moderator. However there are several things I want to pay your attention to. First of all, when you create a moderator, or any other registration, there must be a field to retype the password in order to avoid problems with mistyped passwords. Second, when you add a moderator and want to add another one, the next section will be listed just under that old one. So, if you, let’s say, have 10 moderators, you’ll have a huge list of that all options listed, the following options:

Would be better to create a list of the moderators and open the permission list clicking on a separate button or link. In this way it will make a mess on the page.

IP Access Management

I have nothing to say regarding the banned IP-s. But as for the Privileged IP-s, this is the first time and first solution where I can see such bullshit. What does that mean? If a user came from a specified IP he will be a privileged user and get a Silver membership type, for example? And how will you know the IP? Will that be your friend’s IP or relative’s? What’s the need of this if you still can go to the user management section and give anybody any membership type you wish? And what will happen when you privileged user changes the IP? Another unneeded and complicated feature. Let's proceed to the next menu section for this dating software review.

Add new user

Another unneeded feature. Besides of it, created in a very funny manner :D

Here we go:

Sooo. In order to add a new user the system loads the registration section of the site where you'll need to add a new user simply registering :D Why it was needed to create such a section in the admin panel when you can simply open the site itself and register a new user? There are too many menu items in AzDGDating admin panel. More than half of them could be avoided for a better usability.

Messaging Management

In AzDGDating too all the messages which the users write to each other are being stored and the administrator can view them anytime he wishes. There's also a search feature there:

I just can't understand why the software developers leave such backdoors in their solutions to read the user's private messaging. If you don't want to have illegal content on your web-site, just add the words to avoid to the bad words list to be filtered and deleted but not create an illegal feature.

There are a lot of sections which I couldn't examine due to the fact that they were not being shown without non-write permission. Some of them:

Multilanguage Interface -> Edit Phrases

Multilanguage Interface -> Edit Mail Messages

Pay more attention to the admin panel, dear developers. Besides of it, if you're showing a demo site, it should be fully functional as it will help the prospective customers to decide whether to buy your solutions or not.

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