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AzDGDating Review | By: Holass

Yet another dating software which I want to talk about in this article. There are several license types under which the software is being distributed:

Lite v 2.1.6 – can download free of charge, being distributed under GNU license. It means that you should keep intact the copyright mark of the company. Even can't understand the reason of this license type. There are only 6 features included in the package – just register at the web-site and upload not more than 3 photos, nothing else. Besides of it, if you want to remove the copyright, you should pay 36 USD. The code is encrypted and no customization is possible, if you even want to get this package and make some modifications there.

Medium v 1.8.4 – being distributed under GNU license as well. Copyright removal costs 79 USD. The set of the features here is much better than in the previous license type. Though it misses several very important things. First of all – no support.

Taking into the consideration that the software is encrypted, support is very important. If the software has errors, even the best programmer will not be able to fix those errors, as he will not have any access to the source.

Platinum v 1.6.x - The first paid license type which is being distributed unbranded. The price is 145 USD. The license type includes payment systems (PayPal and 2CheckOut) but even without them, the previous, free license type (Medium v 1.8.4) has more features than this paid one. Seems that the company needs to change its feature policy. Free license type includes more features than the paid one.

Platinum v 1.7.x – The only difference between this one and the previous is just one feature (MoneyBookers, NOCHEX, E-GOLD, WorldPay, NetPay, ProTX Payment systems) and that the users can upload not 3 but 64 photos. And that difference costs 50 USD. The price of this license type is 195 USD, unbranded.

Platinum v 1.8.x and v 1.9.x – Some more features than in the previous one, price difference 50 USD from each other.

Platinum v 1.x.x+ - The most expensive license type, includes all the features the company has created so far, free installation and support. The price is 395 USD.

Now let's what the software is good and bad for.

1. Look of the software.
The software is very good designed, at least the default template which I saw on their demo site. Well combined colors and pictures, like an artwork. I like their designer, yes! Though some layout problems exist when you change the language of the site.

Seems that the layout was created for a certain language and when you change the language some “new” words can mess up the layout, just like the following:

The software is multilingual and is translated into a great variety of languages. Though can't say the same about the quality of the translation. The languages are mixed. For example, here what we can see if Turkish language is selected:

Some fields are still in English. Not so good.

One more thing concerning the look of the site. I couldn’t find any place on the web-site of the developer company where they offer to create designs for the customers. There are 10 default templates in the package and that’s all you’ll be able to use on your web-site. There is no place to purchase a new template or order it to be created.

Yet another lack of marketing.

2. Usability.
Performed on a high level (the main menu is always visible). Though there are some parts which could be done better. A couple of things which concerned me.

a) There is a top static menu always visible, no difference your’re logged in or not:

What is the need of REGISTER button when you're already logged in? Click on it and the system will bring you the registration form, though you're already registered and logged in.

b) Logout. It is really hard to find out how to log out from the site:

Hint: Click on the orange X button will log you out from the site.

I think that would be better to place some text there as well, or at least an ALT text.

c) The site doesn’t have a “Remember me” option:

It will be annoying if you have to enter your username and password each time you want to visit the site. Dating sites are being visited very often, almost every day, sure if it is a good site.

3. Admin area.

Each and all parts of the software can be managed from the admin area. Though I didn’t find a very important thing – table fields management area. Well, there is a section where all the fields are shown but I didn’t find a place where you can edit those fields or create new fields. It is a very important thing in a dating software and it is missing in this solution.

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