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DatingBiz Review | By: Gracias

Here’s another dating software review. DatingBiz is a hosted solution, means that you’ll not have to purchase a domain name, hosting account, configure it. You just buy an installed copy, on your chosen domain name. The only thing which concerns is that the domain zones are limited. You can chose your domain only from the zones .com, .net, .org, .biz. The price of the software is 75 USD only, includes the software itself, domain name and a hosting account for a year. After that you can either extend your license with them (pay for the domain 10 USD a year and 5 USD a month for the hosting), or move to another hosting company. Though the web-site of the company doesn't contain any information concerning the system requirements (if you're allowed to move to another hosting).

Now let's talk about the dating software, its features, layout and work. This is not a dating software comparison, this article will just talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this particular software.

1. Design.

The developer company states that the software package includes 5 templates. Though I didn’t find a place to change the template and see all 5 templates (Admin CP demo is not available). Thus can say only about the default template which is set as active on the demo site.

Seems that the design was created in the middle of 90-s and never improved. Poor graphics, untidy buttons. Web 2.0 era hasn’t come yet.

2. Registration.

Got the following error when wanted to register with username “testinguser”.

Don’t think that such a range is suitable. Usually sites set limitations from 3 to 15 characters length. The range in this software is too small.

Another interesting thing at the registration process.

Click in the checkbox then try to click on “Terms” or “Privacy Policy” – they'll disappear! Nice programming, isn't it?

3. Features.

Quite a few features are announced at the web-site of the developer company and even less are available in the software itself.

The “list” of the features according to the web-site of the company:

* Five changeable templates
* Admin module
* Affiliate module
* Accept free and paid members
* All payment processors
* Forums
* Chatroom

Five changeable templates – have seen only one of them, review on it is above.

Admin module – couldn’t find the demo anywhere on the dating script.

Affiliate module – the same as above, there is even no link to the Affiliate section.

Accept free and paid members – I do agree about free members, but didn’t see anything concerning the paid members. There is no mention about the payment systems, there is nothing asking you to pay for its usage.

All payment processors – Didn’t see even one payment system. Why do they talk about “ALL”? I think that such statements aren’t serious. There are hundreds of payment processors worldwide. Nobody can include them ALL in a software package with full price of 75 USD.

Forums – simple forum, nothing extraordinary.

Chatroom – JavaScript based chat with smilies.

4. Usability.

Well, it would be hard to create a complicated software when you have 7 features only. The usability will get an “A” from me.

5. Copyright.

There is no information about the possibility to remove the copyright from the dating script. But don’t think that it is possible with 75 USD price and the fact that this is a hosted solution.

Well. Seems I’ve finished with this dating script review. Just wanted to show you the advantages and disadvantages of this dating software. The right to decide to go with them or not is yours.

P.S. DatingBiz Review took 8-9 hours, not because it was too hard, but because the server of the company was going down for an hour once in 2 hours.

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