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Chameleon Admin Panel review | By: blast

A couple of weeks ago I’ve written a review about a new dating and community script with name Chameleon. Today I want to introduce the admin panel of Chameleon and write a new community script review about it and show you the features and abilities of the admin panel. As you know, having a good community or dating script is not enough if you don’t have a good admin panel to manage your site from.

So, let’s examine Chameleon Admin Panel and write a detailed review.

For this review I’ll be using the admin panel demo accessible from the official site of the software:


Clicking on the red link “Admin CP” will take you to the admin panel directly and will log you in since the link passes the username and password as URL variables. Pretty comfortable for a demo site. Just one quick note. In AbleDating and AbleSpace you, as an admin, had only a password, now, in Chameleon, you have a username and a password. So, we’re logged in and see the main window of the admin panel:

And the second part of the page:

So, what can we see here. This is the admin panel dashboard. The menu is located on the top of the site. It has menus and submenus, based on jQuery. On the dashboard we can see the site statistics. On the top of the statistics section there’s a Flash based and dynamic chart which shows real time statistics for each day of the month – overall visitors, man seeking a woman, woman seeking a man, man seeking a man, woman seeking a woman.

Under that Flash menu I can see s a very very detailed statistics in table view. What I can say about it. It is very detailed, shows anything and everything on the site, any activity is logged – how many games started, Flash chat used, etc. This is a great tool if you are interested in your visitors behavior (and you should always be interested if you’re considering your site as a serious business). Statistics include the statistics of the current day, of the current month, of the current year and all the time from the installation of the site. I’ve seen a lot of dating and community scripts but haven’t seen anything close to this. Awesome feature.

Now go on with this Chameleon review and examine the main menu and the submenus – one by one:



Takes you to the admin panel dashboard.


As you can see, this is the main options section for the site. Here you can change the site title, e-mail address for feedback, change the admin panel password, change the logo of the site, etc.

Also, this submenu has menus as well – Main Options, Site Options, Images. Now let’s see the other two since those are important sections:

Site Options

In this section you can configure the abilities of the software, such as give the users an ability to change the language or the template of the site, how many photos to show on the homepage, define the size of the photos, define the days of unconfirmed e-mail max days (after the defined days are passed, the users with unconfirmed e-mail addresses will be automatically deleted). Also here you can set your site to be free for all (disable the membership types). Also you can disable or enable any feature of the software which you don’t want, don’t need to use on the site. Later you can enable them back.


In this section you can configure everything regarding the images on the site – photo width, gallery width, etc. Everything is specified in pixels.


This is another section for statistics, a lot more detailed. Don’t find it necessary to examine those sections one by one since everything is clear if you take a look at the titles of the sections there.


Here’s the section to configure the payment systems you’ll use to charge your site users for the membership types. As you can see, besides of PayPal which was available in AbleDating and AbleSpace as well, Chameleon has 2CO integrated http://2checkout.com/" target="_blank"http://2checkout.com/) which will let you charge your users by credit cards. This is a useful plugin since there are a lot of countries which do not use PayPal but all the countries use credit and debit cards. Or at least can make wire transfers.

Payment plans

In this section you can configure your site membership types – define the prices and timeframes, etc.

Access to areas

In this section you can define the set of the features available for each membership type users. For example, if you check 3d_chat under Platinum column only, that feature will be available for Platinum membership type users only.

There are a couple of sections which I will not review here since the look only is changed, the functionality remained the same. Those sections are Templates, where you can edit the template(s), Languages, where you can change the site language and create a new language on the base of the existing ones.

Site news

Help pages

In this section you can edit the existing help pages which come with the software. Those are some hints for your site users on how to use various features of the site.



This is actually the place to manage your site users. Here you’ll spent a lot of time. Want to say that this section is very well structured. The table columns are clickable. When clicked, the table will be arranged by that column. This is comfortable when you want to find some group of members. This table shows full statistics regarding a user. Here you can edit the user information, delete that user or view that user’s blog.


In this section you can perform a search in your user database. There are a lot of search fields here and you’ll surely find the group of the users you’re interested in.

And the last menu section which is a brand new one. I’ll examine all the submenus there since they are very important.



This is the section to manage the blogs of the users. Here you can see the blog posts, edit them or delete. Also, you can see here the bloggers and the left comments. This is a pretty comfortable feature. We all know about spammers who like posting anything and everything all over the site. With such features you can prevent such posts and delete them. This will help your users very much.


This section is like the Blogs section we’ve reviewed above. Here you can edit a place, delete it, read the reviews and edit those reviews as well. Also this section shows statistics regarding each place – the rating, has images or no, the quantity of reviews, etc. This is useful. You’ll not have to go to the Statistics section each time when you need such information.


This section is dedicated to manage the musicians, compositions and the comments. I want to show you the Songs subsection here. When you click on the Edit link for a composition, you’ll be able to playback that composition before deleting it or editing:

This is a very useful admin panel. You can just go to admin and start managing your site. There’s no need to view the site first, find new posts you need to moderate and then go to the admin panel. You can just start with admin panel and it gives you full control over the site content. This is fantastic.


And this is the section to manage the uploaded videos. This is a dynamic world, with hi-speed internet and it is very good that Chameleon developers thought about the site owners and created such powerful tools for the admins to manage the site content. Here as well, you’ll be able to playback a video in admin panel directly:

At the beginning I’ve promised to review all the subsections of the section Modules, but I lied :) The case is that the rest of the sections look and work the same as ones I’ve already reviewed. That’s why I want to keep you all sane and quit now :)

Well. This is pretty much it folks. I love Chameleon software, I want to say it again – I love Chameleon. The same good functionality, look and usability is the base of the admin panel as well. It is pretty easy to use the admin panel, no technical knowledge is needed. A comfortable admin panel for a comfortable and hi-end software.

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