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Chameleon Dating Software Review | By: blast

Today I came across to a new community and dating software with name Chameleon. So, I’ve decided to write a review since didn’t find any review about it in the Internet. According to the web-site of the software, there is a huge set of features in it.

I did a big research for this review to fully show the features and abilities of Chameleon. The web-site says that Chameleon is a new era in social networking. So, let’s check and see what that era looks like.

Chameleon comes for one time fee, includes all the features which the company created, free installation done by the specialists of the company, lifetime free 24/7 support and updates. That all is very impressive. But let’s write a point by point Chameleon review.

1. System requirements.

  • - Chameleon requires at least 150Mb of web-space and 500K of MySQL DB space for installation,

  • - Linux/Unix (RedHat, Debian, FreeBSD, Mandrake, etc.) or Windows OS,

  • - Apache Web Server,

  • - PHP 4.1 and higher (Apache and CGI modules),

  • - MySQL 4.1 and higher,

  • - Cron Jobs,

  • - ionCube Loader for the license files,

  • - open IN and OUT TCP connection on ports 999, 1982 and 1983.

I can see ionCube Loader, means some of the files are encrypted. But I’ve found the list of the encrypted files in the documentation at Chameleon’s site and can say that they don’t affect the modifications. There are approximately 20 files encrypted which are responsible for the licensing. Actually it is logical for a commercial software. Like you’ll see further in this community software review, Chameleon is being licensed for certain domain names. If the license files weren’t encrypted, anybody would be able to purchase the license for one domain name and install it on so many domains as wished.

And concerning the open ports. Usually all hosting companies open those ports if you take a dedicated IP. So, it is not a problem to find a compatible hosting for Chameleon. Besides of it, the company recommends a hosting company which will be suitable for the software work. So, you’ll not have any problems with that.

In the list of the features I see Video Upload, VoIP and Video Chat, which, as we know, require a FFMPEG server. However I don't see that requirement in the list. I've contacted their support via Skype and found out that the software uses the remote media streaming servers of the company for those conversion and streaming purposes. This is a good solution if you don't have your own server. However, as the support specialist said, you can use your own FFMPEG. If needed the company will provide you with the instructions and the needed files.

2. License types.

Chameleon is being sold under 4 different license types. Though, those license types have minor differences. Let’s get acquainted with the license types:

Single Domain License - $597
May be used on one domain. The design is chosen from several templates.

Single Domain License + Unique Design - $697
May be used on one domain. A unique design is made by the designers of the company.

Multi Domain License - $897
May be used on up to 5 domains. The design is chosen from templates.

Multi Domain License + Unique Design - $997
May be used on up to 5 domains. A unique design is made by the designers of the company.

So, the difference between the license types is the amount of the domains you can install the software on and a custom design to be created by the designers of the company.

I’ve checked with the support team and they’ve confirmed that the set of the features doesn’t vary in different license types. Everything is the same, support and updates are included in all of them, as well as a free installation. Pretty cool.

Let’s continue this community software review.

3. Design/layout.

Chameleon comes with 1 default template in its package. If you purchase the software with Unique Design option (more 100 USD), the designers of the company will create a design according to your wishes, ideas, sketches and examples. I’ve taken a look at the design gallery of the company and I can say, that for more 100 USD the designers create real masterpieces. I’ll show some examples of the designs in the Custom design section of this Chameleon review.

Now let’s test the demo site with the default template and see how it looks and works.

For this community script review we’ll be using the demo site of Chameleon which is accessible from the following page:


After clicking the big green “Start Your Free Demo Now!” you’ll be taken to Chameleon demo and will be logged in automatically since the action takes the demo username and password as well. I like that. These guys think about minor things as well to satisfy their customers. But at the moment I’ve clicked on “Exit” to show you the homepage of Chameleon default template and register a new account to show how it works:

As you can see, the design looks almost the same as the New Age template of AbleDating. However, it is created in more professional manner and is more attractive, the input fields are custom styled which is good as well.

The login and registration fields are available on the main page, it is comfortable. Login or register, if you aren’t registered yet. The registration fields have input check which is a good feature.

Tried to enter special symbols and got a message with a hint. This is a good ability of the software.

Let’s register and use Chameleon.

4. Registration.

After the main page registration part you get the following page:

State/Province already contains the list of the states of the country which you’ve chosen at the first step (in my case it is United States). After you chose the state, the list of the cities in that state is being loaded.

The list is loading very fast. I like when software works fast.

The third step of registration is asking you to upload a photo. You can do it or skip that step, in case you don’t want to upload a photo yet:

Also, and I like this very much, Chameleon has CAPTCHA integrated which will prevent bot registrations. This is a very good feature and I’m happy that the developers included it into the software.

Now I’m registered and logged in:

Pretty nice look. We can see a lot of small windows all over the site window. I’ve enabled them on purpose to show them in this community script review. Those are called “Widgets”, are being enabled in the “Widgets” submenu. There are actually 5 widgets in Chameleon – My Friends’ Statuses, My Friends Online (), Calendar, My Photos Comments, My Friend’s New Blogs. And let’s explain the purpose of each of them:

My Friends’ Statuses: Chameleon has such a feature called “Status”. You can see it and set in your profile window, just above your main photo (in the screenshot above there’s no photo uploaded and thus we can see “no photo” there). Here’s that part on a separate screen capture:

You see? Just above the picture placeholder there’s a line saying “Your status here…”. If you click on those words, you’ll be able to update your profile status:

Just clicked on it and typed whatever wanted. When you click somewhere else, your status message will save automatically.

Nice, isn’t it? And those status messages are being shown on all the users’ main profile images. Like in the center of the page:

If there’s no status message on the photo, it means that the user didn’t set it. Chameleon is a very clever script ladies and gentlemen :)

So, the widget “My Friends’ Statuses” is showing the status messages set by your friends. In my case the widget is empty since I do not have any friends as of yet.

My Friends Online (): In this widget we’ll see the main profile photos of my friends which are on-line at the moment. In order to show you what this looks like, I’ve logged into Chameleon demo with username Mike and password 1234567 (demo account). This account has some filled information. Here’s how this looks like:

Also it has scrolling which means that it is able to show all your friends on-line even if there are hundreds of them. Clicking on the user photo will take you to that user’s profile.

Calendar: This is actually the calendar of the events you intend to attend to. Clicking on a date will take you to that date in your event calendar.

My Photos Comments: This widget is showing the comments your photos got from the site users.

Clicking on the comment text will take you to that actual comment. Clicking on the name of the user will take you to that user’s profile. Logical, isn’t it? :)

My Friend’s New Blogs: This widget shows the new blog posts written by your friends. It actually doesn’t show the full blog post but a couple of lines from it, just to give you a rough idea what it is about.

Since we’ve examined the widgets, let’s see where those widgets are being managed from.

As you can see, that’s the last submenu on the top menu. Clicking on it will open the following page where you can enable/disable the widgets and specify where to show the widget.

As you can see, there are 3 options for each widget – On for the whole site, On for the home page, Off. I think that it’s not needed to explain those options. Everything is clear.

Let’s continue this Chameleon review and see the features which got an improved layout and functionality.


This looks pretty cool. Shiny, comfortable, functional. As you can see, here you can search for a music file by its name, the singer name, etc. Also, on the same page we have music playback. The music player is embedded into the list. Just click on the Play button and enjoy the composition.

Clicking the composition name or the image will bring you a page where you can listen to the music, read about the singer, rate the music file and write a comment.

The comments are AJAX based and will add your comment without refreshing the page.

Now let’s see the section Upload a Song. As you can see, here you can search for a musician which song you want to upload or add a new musician and then a song.

Written a musician name and clicked on Add!

Here we can write down the musician information, like country of residence, founded year, about, genre and upload some photos. So, I’ve added some dummy content, clicked on Save and after that clicked on Upload a Song button which is now visible in the singer profile.

Here you should chose the file you want to upload, write down the song title, year and write down some information about the song. That’s it. Nothing complicated. Very well designed and implemented. User friendly and usable.


Everything is almost the same here as in Music section. However here you can upload a video file not only from your local PC, but can also put a YouTube file to be grabbed.

Let’s see the upload section now.

Here you can write the title, description, put some tags for the video (cool), chose the category or categories if eligible and chose whether to make the video Public or Private. If a video is Public, it can be viewed by any user of the site, if it is Private, it can be viewed by your friends only. After doing all that and clicking on the Next button we’ll see the following form:

Here you can chose a file to upload from your local PC or put YouTube embed code into the second field and click on Upload. It will do the needed and you’ll get your video uploaded or embed.


This is the Events section homepage. Shows the most anticipated events, upcoming events, most discussed events popular but finished events. Let’s click on an event and see what will happen.

As you can see here, you can write comments on the event entry and also you can comment the comments by other users. This is pretty useful. Those are such called “nested comments”. If you’re interested in the event and want to attend to it, you’ll need to click on the icon with a man and + on it on the top right corner of that section:

After that you’ll see a window asking about the guests coming with you (this is a nice feature):

If you’re not interested in this event and just want to say “Don’t even count on me”, you can chose there “No”. If you’re going alone, chose “Yes”. If you’re taking friends with use, chose the appropriate point. Such a nice looking and working feature. I like it.

I’ll not add any event here. It is obvious how that will look like. I’ll just take a look at the Event Calendar accessible from a submenu.

This is pretty nice, isn’t it? On the top you can chose the month and the year to show the calendar. The calendar shows week-ends, the current date and all the events you’ve chosen to attend to. This is pretty nice and will make sure that you’ll not miss any event you’re interested in.


This is a brand new feature. I haven’t seen this feature anywhere else. Actually this is a place to share your impressions after traveling. Visited a place and liked it? Want to share your impressions with your friends and the community – then you’ll like this feature. I see London Eye here which I’ve visited last year and like it very very much. Will open that page now for this community script review:

That’s it. We see a slider with photos on the top. Also you can add your own photos. Description of the place, phone number and the web-site link. Also a button to be clicked if you want to write your own review. Also you can rate the reviews written by the users and also check the review as helpful or not. Such features add sociality to such scripts. I like such features. Users can interact there. That’s why such sites are popular. Everybody likes interaction.


This is the new layout for the Groups section. As you can see, it is more usable and shiny. Let’s visit a group and see how it looks inside. I like cappuccino, that’s why we’ll visit Starbucks here :)

And again – nice looking page. Here you can read about the group, read comments, add your own comments, discuss something and join the group. Or you can create your own group if you wish so.


Another pretty important feature for social networking and dating sites. Let’s see it.

Oh, here, on the top, we can see the list of most popular bloggers. That’s a good feature to get your site’s blogs section populated, you know? Everybody wants to be in the list of the best ones or be the first one. That’s natural. The users will be interested to write a lot of blog posts to be the first, heh, nice.


To be honest, I didn’t expect to see a new layout here. But I really like what you see there now. Now the Games section consists of 2 parts, place where you chose from your friends the person you want to play with and then the section to chose the game.

When you chose a friend from that list, that friend photo’s border highlights:

I’ve chosen Olivia here.

And then I have to chose the game from the part below:

I’ve chosen Sea Battle and it was flagged when I’ve clicked on it. After that I simply click on the button GO! and wait until my friends accepts the invitation. Really nice and user friendly. I’m starting to love you, Chameleon…


Let’s continue this Chameleon review. This is another updated feature.

It shows the popular albums and the new albums. If you click on a picture, you’ll be taken to the album it represents.

If you click on a photo in the album, that photo will be revealed:

Here you can view other images in the album clicking Prev and Next buttons and can leave a comment for a photo.

Well. This is pretty much it. Also I want to show you another updated and great feature in Chameleon. That’s the Flash Profile Drawing Tool.

To see it I’ve gone to my profile page, then clicked on the Edit/View Profile link, then clicked on My Profile. And here what I can see there just under my profile picture:

Oh, wow! I see new widgets here. Those are Flash based. I see here the list of my friends, my comments, RSS news from Yahoo and Google, a dynamic clock and Google Maps on the background. This is really amazing. There you can add any RSS feed you wish. For example, there are a lot of sites which you visit each day. That’s actually waste of time. You can gather all those sites in one place using RSS feeds. In the screen capture above we can see that Yahoo News and Google News are grabbed. You can go through the list and click on the item you’re interested in. That will bring you that news page. You don’t have to go through the huge lists on Yahoo, Google or any other site to find the article you’re interested in. This is a pretty pretty good feature. Okay. Now lets close those widgets and see the background.

This is the Geo Networking feature mentioned on Chameleon site. Do you see the red bubbles on different locations? Let’s click on one of them.

Pretty nice, isn’t it? It actually shows you where the user lives and if you click on the bubble it will reveal information about the user.

5. Usability.

Implemented on a very high level. No unneeded links or static pictures of menu items are available. The users will not be lost even visiting the site for the first time. This is an advantage. If a user finds your site too complicated to use, that user will leave your site and not return any more.

6. Support.

The price of the software includes lifetime free 24/7 support (announced on the web-site of the company). A phone number is available on the top of the web-site and it is nice. I've called and the call was answered by a support specialist while I was calling on Saturday. This is good. Also their support is available through the following messengers:

This is good if you don't want or can't call them. In most cases it is not comfortable to discuss technical questions over the phone. That's why messenger support is a good alternative.

I'm finishing this community software review and am very satisfied with this software. Chameleon is a good implemented solution with a reasonable price. From the advantages of the software I can mention the relatively low price, a lot of features, lifetime free support and updates. The default template delivered in the package is well designed, looks and works well in all major browsers (IE starting from version 6.0!!, Firefox, Opera, Safari). Also the company offers custom design option for more 100 USD. Didn't find any lack of implementation. Now I’m sure that Chameleon is really a new era in social networking. So many good implemented AJAX and jQuery based features can’t be found in any other solution.


Business Owner | By: Frank Young | May 21, 2016
That's good information. Pretty nice review. Keep going. I have ever believed that this network was so appealing, thought it was a scam full of gimmicks, but it is so cool. I am planning to get that as I can trust your review.
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Good | By: William | Mar 9, 2016
Have been using Chameleon for a couple of sites of mine. Some ideas: PROS: - fast. it seems to be really well optimized. works great even on godaddy. - 3DCity. no site has this nowadays, and virtual reality has become the topic that everyone speaks about (just check the ne...
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I have no title | By: Debra | Sep 26, 2010
I am interested in learning more about your software. Please have someone call me. On Monday Morning. Debra 410-231-2668
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