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The best social networking scr... | By: irishcoder

I would like to share my first impressions on Chameleon. I think ABK have done a great job of combining everything great that can be found in Social Networking scripts. 1) The new Events Module is amazing. You can search events based on name, date, place, etc. Also you can add videos and images which are automatically parsed. 2) New Pics Module: 3) New Places Module, where you can review your favourite places: 4) New Blogs Module: 5) New Flash Profile with GEO Social Networking: 6) New Games Module: 7) New Groups Module: 8) New Music Module: 9) New Videos Module: 10) New 3D City: Hope I will be able to review this script later with more detail, because here I was highlighting just some new features. Cheers!

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