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Review on ASPnetDating Admin P... | By: handy

This dating software review is addicted to the Admin Panel of ASPnetDating. The Admin Panel of ASPnetDating is located over here:


There you'll not need to put any username or password as it is already set (I assume that the password is 'admin' as well :).

Here you can also chose the language in which you want to see the ASPnetDating Admin Panel. The possible values in the drop down menu are as follows: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian. For this ASPnetDating review I'll be using the English language. Clicked on the “Login >>” button and got the following:

So, here we can see a right menu with navigation elements and statistics in the center. Also the latest topics of Helpdesk are shown there. It is useful.

Now let's take a look at the navigation elements as that's why we're here and writing this dating software review :)

There are 11 blocks of elements which have submenus under them. Those sections are:

User Management

In this section you'll be able to manage your users, see what photos, videos and other content they've uploaded, approve the videos, photos, if needed, etc. Also there's a section which I don't like at all. That's “Browse Messages”. Well, is it legal to browse the user's messages? What about the Privacy Policy and other terms? What about the right for private life? Means an admin can see everything and anything I write? I'll not be using such a site for sure. This feature should be considered to be removed urgently as it is against all the international and local laws.

Let's go into a couple of submenus here and see them. I'm actually curious that “Browse Messages” section.

So, here you can search in user messages. The search can be performed by the sender username, recipient username or keyword or all the fields at the same time. However, if you even leave the fields blank and click on the “Search” button, it will list the results as follows:

So, pretty nice. You write a letter to your girlfriend and… that letter is being read by the site admin. Cool :)))) Will you agree to leave your personal messages to be read by somebody else than the recipient? I surely won't.

And another section want to look at from this group is the User Management.

In this section you can search for members. For default the list of the users is empty. Would be better to show the whole list of the users and then give an option for change. Leaving the fields blank and clicking on the “Search” button will bring the whole list of the users.

Here we can see listed users. It also shows the signup IP. For what? Strange feature to show the signup IP in the list of the users.

Let’s go on with this ASPnetDating review and see the next group with name “Contests”.

It consists of 2 submenus – Manage Contests and Contest Entries. On the Admin Panel demo the Contests feature is switched off and that’s why I can’t examine it any further.

Next comes the Classifieds section.

It has 2 submenus – Manage Categories and Approve Classifieds. Let’s the see “Manage Categories” first.

So, as we can see above, there are no Categories and the buttons to add a new category and delete are not clickable, are frozen. That's bad.

And since there are not categories there can't be Classifieds as well. So it is logical to see the following when going to the “Approve Classifieds” section.

The next section is Group Management.

Has 3 submenus – Manage Categories, Browse Groups, Approve Groups. Let's see them and review.

Here's the Manage Categories section:

So, here we can see the existing categories, delete them, edit, browse the groups under each of them or add a new category.

The Group Management section gives you an ability to search for a certain group or range of groups. Or you can leave the fields blank and the search will return all the groups as follows:

The list shows the name of the group with a small thumbnail, the owner username, category, date created, access level and gives you an ability to edit the group or delete it.

Here comes the biggest section of Admin Panel and the most important one – Site Management.

This is the section to manage the site settings. Let's see all the sections one by another.

Edit Languages

Here we can see the list of available languages. You can change the order of appearance, edit the language or delete. Let's try to edit English.

Wow. I was expecting to see a place where I can edit the words, where I would be able to translate the words into another language. But all I see – change the name of the language, check it to be active, set browser languages and IP of the Countries for which that language will appear for default. I wonder why will you have to change the name of the language? In some cases you will need to change English and write there something else? Not sure…

Edit Topics & Questions

In this section you can manage the profile questions, which the users fill at the registration.

The titles of the above listed sections tell you about what they're intended for. They edit the news, manage the polls, edit bad words, edit templates, edit Google analytics and banners on the site. Don't find it absolutely necessary to see all those sections in more details.

Upload Site Logo

In this section you can upload your own custom logo, in case you don’t have a custom design. However should be mentioned that your custom logo should be exactly the same size as the default logo, otherwise it will mess up the layout.

Edit Content Pages

In this section you can edit the site pages. Entering that section will bring you a language selection box. After selecting English I got the following:

So, here we can edit the contents of the “Contact us” page. Nothing complicated, WYSIWYG editor.

And the last submenu in this group which I want to take a look at is the Settings section which is the section for the general settings.

After going there we see a huge list of various settings. Here I'll show on a screen shot several of them.

Also there's a hint for each point if you hover on the question mark on the right.

Admin Management

This section has 1 submenu only – Browse Admins where you can manage the admins, edit, delete the existing admins or add new ones.

On the demo the “Add Admin” button is frozen and I can’t tell for sure how the admins are being added. They can be chosen from the site users or maybe the system will let you create a new admin there and not chose from the site users.

Payment Management

There are 2 submenus there – Billing Settings and Credits Packages. Let’s see them both one by one.

Can say nothing about this Billing Settings Submenu. The Add New Plan button is frozen and there are no plans set up.

The other submenu of Payment Management is Credits Packages.

Thanks God the button is clickable :))))

Like the title says – here we can configure credits packages (though I don’t understand what it is for :).

SEO Management

The SEO Management section has 1 submenu only – Edit Meta Tags. Here you can set different metatags and titles for your site pages.

Affiliate Management

This section is used to work with the affiliates. Lets you browse the affiliates (in the same way it does for the ordinary users), lists the Payment Requests from the Affiliates, lists the Payment History, Affiliate Commissions and contains the banners which Affiliates can use to refer new users to your site.


Like the title says, the section brings you some statistics information regarding your users activity, uploaded materials, on-line users, etc.


The Extras section contains Slideshow Gadgets submenu, which, alas, is not usable as the button is frozen again.

Here’s the end of this ASPnetDating review which was addicted to the Admin Panel. The Admin interface is not bad, however there were certain parts which had usability lacks. Also there’s a section which gives the admin an ability to read messages not even mentioning the privacy right of the users.

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