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Dzoic Handshakes Profile Custo... | By: RICKIE

Yet another community software review. This time it will be about the Profile Customization tool which is available in Dzoic Handshakes. At least it is stated on the web-site of Dzoic Handshakes.

So, let’s make a full review of this feature and see how much it customizes the user profile in order not to be similar to others'.

I will pass the registration process in this Dzoic Handshakes review as it is already reviewed on this site and I’ve seen that article. I will be using the demo site with demo username and password.

So, I’m registered and logged in.

In this community software review I’ll not talk about the layout and other things of Dzoic Handshakes, though, to be honest, there are a lot of things to talk about.

Let’s find the section where we suppose to edit the profile and customize it. It is logical that we should click on either “My Account” or “Edit My Profile” buttons. Both the buttons have the same action and take to the same section. So, I have a question to Dzoic Handshakes developers – why to put 2 buttons with same action which are visible on the same page? This can be considered as a usability lack.

Ok, I’m in the section taken by clicking on the button “My account”:

We see that there are different sections in the My Account section. Means that different kind of profiles and information is combined in the same profile. Let’s review each part.

Account Settings:

This section contains some basic information and settings like e-mail address, passwords, birth date, country of residence, etc.

Personal Profile:

This section contains information regarding the hobbies and interests of the user.

Also there is a form which confuses me:

I’ll explain now what confuses me. The name of the field is “Add Sound or Video”. Question – in what form? What kind of links should I put there? I think that there MUST be an example or at least a hint on what kind of links you should put there to add a sound or a video file. In this way I can’t even imagine what kind of link I have to put there. This is bad.

Business Profile:

This section of Dzoic Handshakes profile is intended to store information regarding the business and employment background of the user. The fields are as follows:

Professional Area
Educational Level
Job Title
Company Website
Previous Companies
Areas of Expertise
Current Status
My Blog, Websites, or Webpages
Business Profile Overview

I think that it is already clear what those fields are intended for and it is not needed to clarify them in this Dzoic Handshakes review.

Social Profile:

The section contains information regarding the relationship type, physical measurements, spoken languages, etc.

Personalize Profile:

The section contains 5 default templates from which you can chose the one which you think is the best one for you :)

And the last section is the one to which we were going during this community software review. The name of the section is “Colorize Profile”. The section is a textarea field with CSS code. Here’s the screen capture of that section:

Well. It is good that you can change the colors of your profile. But what do you suppose to do when you don’t even know what, for example, #E5E5E5 means? I think that if there is such a section in the software, there should also be some kind of manual, explanation and possible values tables, etc. So the users, if even they are not familiar with CSS, would be able to use that feature. In such a way this feature can be used by not more than 50% of all the users of your site.

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