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Evercurrent review | By: burden

This dating software review is addicted to a relatively simple solution with name Evercurrent. The software is based on ASP.NET and the software authors mention everywhere that ASP.NET is a more reliable, more comfortable and the easiest programming technology worldwide, which I doubt, being a programmer. I think this is the only dating software where the software authors tell everybody about the advantages of the programming technology it is based on and not about the advantages of the solution itself.

And want to pay your attention on the slogans on Evercurrent web-site. Like the following:

I will title the image above – “Excellent Support is an Offline Support!”. Nice slogan, isn’t it?

A couple of other slogans which confuse me:

- 24/7 excellent Support

Again, see the image posted above :) 24/7 excellent support which is always offline :)

- Evercurrent Dating Software is a Microsoft Advanced, Secure and reliable Technology

WOW! I think that for such a statement Microsoft Corporation can start a lawsuit against Evercurrent. Maybe they should have written that ASP.NET is a Microsoft Advanced, Secure and reliable Technology and NOT Evercurrent itself? Quite interesting...

I’m posting this screen capture here, in case Evercurrent deletes those statements ;)

Well, let’s finish examining the words written on the web-site of Evercurrent and continue this dating software review.

Evercurrent review continues a chapter regarding the license types and pricing.

1. Pricing/License types.

Evercurrent is being distributed under one license type:

Dating Software v3.1 - $499 [For limited time]

The price includes…? No information on what the price includes. Evercurrent also offers hosting plans priced as follows:

Hosting: $19.95/mo. (Regular $29.95/mo), or $15.95/mo. paid yearly

Also there is no information regarding the system requirements, in case you have your own hosting account or want to get it from another company. So, you're stuck with their hosting with “excellent support” which is always offline.

There is no information regarding the branding, regarding the installation – will you get a free installation or not?

The site of Evercurrent is full of unneeded SEO texts and absolutely no useful information for the consumers.

2. Layout/Design.

For this Evercurrent review I'll be using Internet Explorer 6.0. If the site looks and works well in that version of browser, it will work good in all available browsers.

This is the look of the default template on Evercurrent demo site:

What can I say about this design? Poor graphics, a lot of empty space all over the site. Take a look at the copyright message in the footer:

Copyright evercurrent.com 1998 - 2009 All rights reserved.

Yeah, seems that the design was created in 1998 and hasn't been improved and changed since that time.

So, let's “Join Free” (I doubt that anybody would register on such a site if it was NOT free) and see what Evercurrent can and can't do.

3. Registration.

Let's see how the registration process works and what fields it includes.

A couple of fields which I want to pay your attention on.

DOB – this is the first place where I can see such an abbreviation :) DOB – date of birth.

And what a hell are those hints for? DD | MM


Such hints are being written when the input fields are empty and the user should write the values in and NOT when you have already defined the variables in a drop down list and the users will just chose the value from that list. This is awful.

Another field – State. As you can understand, those are the United States of America. So, why to put such a static field if that field will be used by only 1 country residents from hundreds available? I will name this a lack of implementation and usability.

Registered an account and never received the password to enter the site which was sent to my mailbox mentioned at the registration. It's a pity as I'll not be able to enter the site and use it for this dating software review :(

4. Admin panel.

There is no demo for Admin Panel.

5. Support.

No comment…

6. Conclusion.

The software has quite a few features and quite a high price for such a solution with so few features – 499 dollars. Have a question to the developers – for what feature do they charge so much? The simplest design I've ever seen so far? Or unneeded hints at the registration process? Or maybe for Excellent Support which is always Offline?

The site of Evercurrent contains a lot of useless information which could be changed with customer information, not only search engine optimized text. Search engines don't purchase dating solutions, they just index the site.

I've examined the full system and couldn't understand a lot of things such as – system requirements for the software work, will Evercurrent create a custom design for the customer, will Evercurrent install the software on customer's hosting account, will the customer have a right to remove the brands of Evercurrent? All those questions remained unanswered for me and I'm leaving that site quite unsatisfied.

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