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MojoPersonals Review | By: PJBoss

Found another dating/community script today. That's MojoPersonals from MojoScripts.com. The first thing which I want to mention that the main package of the software (which costs 299 USD) includes quite a few features which is not so good. That's why you'll need to purchase the separately sold modules as well, as the standard package is almost unuseful. With all the modules you'll need to pay almost 600 USD. Also you can purchase templates starting from 61 USD. More 200 USD if you want them create a unique design for you or integrate your PSD design into their software.

Let's walk through the software starting from the design of the default template included in the package.

1. Design and layout of the software.

The package has one default template which is also shown on the demo site. The layout is pretty simple, based on CSS, quite a few graphical parts and pictures. The default template misses attractiveness which is needed for dating sites. So, you'll need to get one of the templates which are being sold separately or order your custom design to be created.

2. Usability.

Possibly the best performed part of the software. Just after you log into your account all the menu items with their submenus are clearly shown on the screen, so you will not be lost and will find the item you're seeking for.

3. Registration process.

Well, I just can't understand why the software companies don't pay attention to minor things such as fields at the registration process.

What does 'Last Name' mean when the value is a digit? My Last Name is 21, cool :-)

State/Province is for USA only. If you even change the country, the State/Province list doesn't change. And taking into the consideration that the 'Stat/Province' and 'Country fields' are mandatory, you can by accident chose your State/Province as Colorado, and country as Argentina, for example. If you even don't touch those fields and continue the registration, your profile will get the default values which are 'Alabama' and 'Afghanistan'.

The software is based on Perl and you'll need to be familiar with that programming language in order to be able to make some changes in the software. The templates are based on HTML and CSS and don't use any complicated technologies, which is an advantage.

The table fields can be edited in admin panel which is good as well.

And finally let's take a look at the modules which are being sold separately.

2checkout module for one time charges
Clickbank module for one time charges
E-Gold module for one time charges
Paypal module for one time charges and subscriptions through paypal IPN
Worldpay module for one time charges and subscriptions through Futurepay
View on Map Module
Chat Module
"Powered by Mojoscripts" LINK REMOVAL ALLOWANCE on all user visible HTML templates

The most part of the separately sold modules are for payments. Though I didn't find anything on the site for the usage of which I would like to pay. I think that it would be better to create some good, attractive, unique features, for which the users would be happy to pay.

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