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This dating software review will talk about the customization tool which is available in all scripts created and marketed by ABK-Soft LTD. The name of that feature is Flash Profile Drawing Tool. As the company states – this tool is created on Flash technology which gives you an ability to change the backgrounds of your profile page, upload video and music files, photos to your profile page, draw using Flash brushes, etc. and customize your profile with that. This all sounds good, but let’s test it and see how good this feature is in action.

For this AbleDating review I’ll not register a new account since the registration is already reviewed in another dating software review on this site. I’ll be using the demo site with demo username and password.

Now I’m logged in using the demo username Mike and password 1234567:

So, let’s find the section where we can customize our profile with Flash Profile Drawing Tool. I think that it’s easy to understand that the tool should be located in “Edit/View Profile” section. So, let’s visit that section and check that feature out for this AbleDating review.

Got the following section after clicking on “Edit/View Profile”:

Let's click on the “My Profile” button and see where it takes:

Here we go. We’ve just found what we’re searching for. Here’s the Flash Profile Drawing tool which is included in AbleDating, AbleSpace and Mixer. As the page was large, I couldn’t fit the tools of the Flash Profile Drawing Tool in one screen shot. So, here are the tools of this feature which are located in the bottom of the page:

Now, let’s write a short description for each tool and submenu of this feature for this dating software review.


Clicking on this button will bring you the color picker:

This is the color of the brushes you use to draw in your profile. You can chose there the color and the size of the brush:

This is the color of the text you use to write in your profile. You can chose there the color and the size of the brush just like in the example above.

The tool is intended to chose the font style and size. After choosing the style and size, click on the field above, the place where you want to write:

Let's go on with this AbleDating review.

The tool contains a lot of colorful shapes which you can use for your profile customization.

Just click on a shape, click with the left mouse button on the field above and drag a little:

This will set your chosen shape on your profile.

This tool will add a music player with a playlist to your profile. I think that this is a great option. The users, which will enter your profile, will be able to listen to your favorite music. That's nice. Just click on this button and click with left mouse button on the field above:

The tool sets a videoplayer with a playlist on your profile, just like the above mentioned tool, but for video files:

The tool adds a new window giving you some new space for drawing or putting other elements of customization:

The feature adds your gallery to the profile. Upon clicking on that button a popup will appear asking you enter a name for the gallery:

The tool uploads a photo from your PC which you'll be able to put on your profile.

And lastly, a menu with name “Background” will change the whole background of your profile.

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