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AbleDating review | By: Anthony

First of all I would like to cite the words of the seniour ABK-Soft developer:

"Interactivity was, is and will be our main priority. Our goal is to make users feel closer than they really are when communicating, make users break language and culture barriers. And we achieve this thanks to our Live Video and Audio Chat, Audio Messages, Multi-user Interactive Flash Games, and much more. There's really much more that needs to be done. We plan tons of other features, making our script powered web resources uncommon and interesting.

We strive to make it not 'just a site' but an interactive environment. It's our goal and we work to achieve it and improve.

We're really against the division of dating sites and community networks by type of environment. A good dating site should be able to provide near to limitless possibilities. A good dating site is not just a dating site but a social site, a place to spend free time and just enjoy being there. A good social network or community may also be a tool to meet and date someone. Thus this makes communities and social networks function like dating sites. It's important to let the user feel free to do anything when using an AbleDating powered web resource. Only then will each user find something useful - be it dating or gaming.

Any central park would be a great example of a great site. One may meet people, take a walk with the loved one, play, have a chat or discuss politics as far as I can see. And no one will even think of calling a park a dating place!"

When you see the demo, you can feel this interactivity everywhere.

First of all, you see the IM window with sounds that can be moved across the page.

Secondly, you record your greeting on the same page, for you friends to hear what you are thinking about right now.

Then you click on your profile and use the Flash Drawing tool. After that you go to the 3D City http://www.3d-city.net) and speak with your friends in a 3D environment. Then you can listen to the music and share some videos with your friends. Playing Flash games and speaking over the VOIP Phone could be a good end of your day.

So it is true that interactivity is their main goal, and they seem to be able to reach it.

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