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Review on Wazzum Admin Panel | By: urban

This dating software review will talk about the Admin Panel of Wazzum. For this Wazzum review we’ll be using the Admin Panel demo from the official site of the company. The demo is located over here:

username: administrator
password: adminpass

One quick note. When you create a demo, you must either put the Administrator username and password on the login page or put the username and password as the default values so the users won’t have to go to the Wazzum page to gain the username and password. That’s at least non-professional and boring.

Ok. I’m in. Here’s the admin panel of Wazzum software.

Take a look at the menu on the left side. Seems Wazzum still gets inspiration from Wordpress :)

Here’s the standard menu of Wordpress:

I don’t understand why there’s so much stuff in Wazzum software taken from WordPress. Even the design of the menu is similar to one from WordPress. Is it hard to create something unique?

In the center of the dashboard we can see full statistics on the users and the uploaded content, then a diagram which shows the logins and the registrations.

Then there comes a list of the users of the site. It doesn’t have any kind of sorting, the records are sorted by the usernames. Also there’s a button there which I couldn’t understand. Here we go:

When you click on the “Calendar” button, it opens a page where you can change the date. But what that date is and what it is being used for is unknown. At least there must be some hint about it. Software developers should pay more attention to such simple things.

And in the footer it loads some content from Wazzum’s web-site which is absolutely not needed in such sites. First of all, it takes time to load from the remote server of Wazzum, second, you can’t be sure that it will not take anything FROM your server while it loads something from somewhere else and third – there’s no place to switch it off when there must be. Should be urgently reconsidered.

Ok. Seems to be enough for the Dashboard. Let’s go on, examine the submenus and write a Wazzum review.


This is the section to manage the content of the web-site. It has several submenus. Let’s examine some of them.

Approve Media

There are several sections in this submenu - Profiles - Photos - Videos - Audio - Bio - Comments - Galleries – Blogs.

For default it loads the Photos section which has the following layout:

So, in the top block presumably will be shown the photos awaiting for the approval. There are no photos pending for approval on the demo site so we can just guess how it works. Also. In the bottom you can see the Approved Photos. Just I don't understand why it is needed to view those Approved Photos when you can't even delete them after the approval.

Let's see another section – Profiles (here you can approve the profiles).

Ok. So. When you click on the Profiles link, it loads what you can see above. BUT. In the demo site there's only 1 user profile pending for approval. But what will be when there are more than 1, more than 10, more than 100 profiles pending for approval? They will be listed like the one above and you'll have a huuuge page loading with 1000 pending profiles with full information showing :D Hah! Wouldn't it be easier to list the usernames, for example? Want to see somebody's profile, click on the link and load the data. Like it is done in other solutions.

Take a look at the title of the page as shown on the screen capture above. It says – “Approve ADS” while we're on the Approve Profiles page :D

The links on the right are not clickable while they have to (you can see my mouse pointer on the word Photo):

The same is for the rest of the sections in the Approve Media submenu. That's why I'll not examine them all but will proceed to the next submenu.

Stories admin

Why did Wazzum developers create a separate section for Stories admin? Why couldn't they just put this section in the above discussed submenu “Media Approval”? Seems odd and completely not user friendly. Such things make the software more complicated. I can say the same for News Admin and Flirts Admin.

Another interesting and completely not useful feature in Wazzum software :)

Template Admin

The section shows some JPG pictures, but for what? See on the screen shot. I've pointed my mouse to one of them and it is just a JPG file (see the link in the status bar below):

When you click on it, it will show you the template in bigger size. But why? Why do you need such a section in your admin panel? To just look on the JPG files of the available templates? Can't name this anyhow else but a silly feature. Also there's no template editor in Wazzum. So you will be stuck with the templates (as you can see with not high quality) provided by Wazzum. There could be at least a simple code editor in admin panel to edit the template and make some changes in the colors, styles, etc.

Logo Admin

This is the section to manage the site logos. However I don't understand why this submenu is put into the Tools menu rather than the Settings.

Let's go on with this dating software review and examine the next set of submenus under the section Settings.


Site Settings

This is the section to manage the settings of the site, all the settings. There is a point in this section which I want to pay your attention on. Here we go:

So. This is the place to configure the max file size for uploaded pictures, videos and audio files. But why did they write in Bytes? This is the first solution where such settings are shown in Bytes. Really :D Thanks God they didn't write in Bits :D Several billions of bits which in fact are some megabytes :D Guys, be serious and be professionals, at least sometimes.


Here we see a blank page. The software has 1 language only – English and the Languages Admin section is absolutely blank. There's no option to edit the current language file, there's no option to create a new language, translate Wazzum into another language or make changes in the existing language. That's awful as dating or community web-sites almost always are multilingual.

And the last, Reports section contains some reports like the reports Wazzum posted on the Admin panel dashboard. Nothing interesting at all since the same data is shown on the dashboard.

Conclusion. That’s the easiest part of this dating software review as there’s not much to tell. The admin panel is created in an awfully unprofessional manner, a lot of implementation lacks, a lot of usability lacks. Wazzum developers didn’t pay much attention to Admin panel which is absolutely not user friendly and uncomfortable.

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