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Is Wazzum Free? | By: aquabreez

Recently I’ve noticed that Wazzum started to be distributed as a “free” solution. Means, you can download it and use absolutely free of charge. That’s cool, but my experience has shown that such “free” solutions in fact are more expensive than the paid ones. That’s why I’ve initiated to write this Wazzum review and make a little research on this matter.

I’ve carefully examined the web-site of Wazzum and found out a lot of facts which say that this is not a free software though you can freely download it from the web-site. This review will list those facts.

First of all let’s clarify the differences between free and paid solutions. What you get with paid solutions and what you get with free solutions.

Usually, when you get a paid solution, you’ll get bug fix support (90% of all solutions of this kind over the Internet provide the customers with free Installation and support).

Now you’ll say – I do not need bug fix support, the software will work fine. Before saying so, note, that Wazzum is a PHP based solution. The software can work without any problems on some machines (servers) and will fail to work on others. That’s due to the differences in the configuration settings of the server you’re using. In most cases such sites are being installed on shared hosting accounts as it is useless to get a free solution but install it on a dedicated server which costs 200 bucks and more. So, what I’m saying is that 99% of hosting companies do not let the customers make any changes in the server configuration or the php.ini file. What you’ll get out of this. If a hosting company which you like and which you have an account with by some means will not be compatible with the software, your site will not work as in any case you’ll not be able to make any changes in the configuration of the server to make your Wazzum software work.

In such cases you’ll need somebody to edit the software. Without bug fix support provided by the software author, you’ll not be able to do it on your own, if you’re not a PHP programmer. If you are a PHP programmer, you'd better write such a solution on your own as it doesn't have so many complicated features.

So, telling that the software is free doesn't yet mean that you will not need technical support which that free software doesn't include.

Wazzum offers some Add-ons. Let's examine them.

So, here we go. You can buy that support which costs 99 dollars (Wazzum states it to be a one-time fee). Means, that if you download the “free” Wazzum software, install it or fail to install, have problems, you'll have to pay those 99 dollars in order to get that support. Later in this Wazzum review I'll try to install the package and see how it works.

Let's proceed and see other offered Add-ons.

Hmm. Those are 2 basic and important features for any dating and community web-sites and… those features should be purchased separately, for 159 dollars. I think it's the time to list the features which you'll get in your “free” package:

Well. Here we can see features listed in the main Features list while they're being sold separately and are not included in the “free” version. Why to put features in a list stating them “free” when you'll be asking the customers to pay for them additionally? I'm talking about Live Video Chat (webcam) and Live Video Instant Messenger (webcam) which I've shown on a screen capture above, which cost 159 dollars. Not too wise to offer features among the free ones which in fact are not free.

Here we go, another paid feature – professional installation service. Wazzum states that the installation is pretty easy while the service costs 59 dollars. There's coming a question – if the installation is so easy, why would the users order it to be done by Wazzum specialists?

This is our known old Wazzum, which is not free :) It includes all the features the company offers and also 30 days of free SEO. So, here's a paid solution on a site which states to be a “free” solution. In my opinion this site has so many keywords “free” for the search engines, to bring customers. Take a look at the price on the box. It says “$499” while the text price says $299 :D I think that Wazzum developers should have paid more attention to such minor things.

And, here we go. Another surprise. Platinum Community Dating Software 2.7 which costs $2499!!! I’m in IT sphere more than 10 years already and I’ve never seen a solution which would cost so much. I guess Wazzum included in his package MS Windows as well :D As a bonus. But let’s see what this amazing price includes:

Everything that you see in the demo.
Your very own unique custom template design.
Full time marketing person dedicated to promoting your site for 6 months.
Custom integration of all upgrades for as long as you own your site.
Hosting for 2 full years.
24/7 Priority phone support.
Full time PHP developer at your disposal for 2 months to create new features that you request.
Dedicated graphic designer at your disposal for 2 months to create custom graphics for site.

This is just not serious. I’ll pass the first lines and will talk about the last two. PHP developer and a graphic designer for 2 months? What’s that? What developers are those which will create new features (please note, not a feature but Features, unlimited) for total price of 2499 dollars. And how many features will they create? 5, 10, 20? Maybe they’ll just work on a single feature request until those 2 months pass and never deliver it? I’ve never seen such a service proposition. Maybe would be better to write – Our PHP developers will create 2 features for you? Or our designers will create 2 designs for you? I don’t think that this is serious. When you show a price you should also show what that price includes. Wazzum says – we’ll give you a PHP developer to develop new features for you, but how many features will they create? This is the biggest question of this Wazzum review.

In order to be able to remove Wazzum’s copyright you’ll have to pay them 49 dollars. So, you can’t create a web-site on this Wazzum software without mentioning where you got this software from. In any form you’ll have to pay to get this software running. Then where’s the meaning of the word “free”?

I think that it’s better to sell your solution without talking about “free” copies but to be honest. I think that it’s better to provide the customers with technical support as in any case they’ll need that support.

Also I’ve downloaded the License Agreement and want to put a couple of words about it.

So, there’s no warranty if even you pay for their support and if even you pay them 2499 dollars for their Platinum package. Also, there’s no mention about any kind of Refund Policy, either on the web-site itself or in the License Agreement. This seems to me very odd. They’ve created an impression of a free solution and, yes, in that case there can’t be any word regarding Refund, but there are a lot of Add-ons and paid packages for which there must be a Refund Policy.

And lastly, I’ve tried to download the package to install it and see how it works and it gave me 1Kb/sec download speed from Wazzum’s server while the file size was 17 megabytes. Besides of it I got connection lost 3-4 times and at last gave up downloading it.

Conclusion. Wazzum states to be a free solution and in fact, yes, you can download the package and use it for free, at least you can try to download it, like I did and didn’t succeed. But if you look into it deeper, you’ll see that there are more fees than in any other paid solution. You’ll have to pay for the support (which you’ll surely need), pay for the installation (in case you’re not a technical specialist or a programmer), pay for the copyright link removal, pay for the video chat solutions, etc. There are a lot of charges. The company just created an impression to produce free solutions, but in fact it has features and services to charge for. Also there’s no warranty for the product, if even you pay for it. There’s no Refund Policy. In my opinion it is better to get a paid solution, if you’re going to create a good site and earn money on it, than take such “free” solutions and fail.

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