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Wazzum Wordpress Clone | By: revising

In this dating software review we’ll talk about the dating software solution by Wazzum. First of all let's see the slogan of the company:

Affordable Dating and Community Software Solutions. Now I'll explain why I've paid attention to this. When we go to the section of Social Software, we see that they are just “going” to create such a community solution. So, why to write in the slogan something which has nothing to do with the truth? I would like to call this misleading.

Now let’s go on with this Wazzum review and see how much this solution costs and what license types it has.

There are several “packages”:

Standard Package - $199.00

This package does not include the Flash Live Video Instant Messenger, Flash Live Video Chat or the Web Recorder. Those enhanced features are only available in the Premium Package.

Premium Package - $299.00

It includes everything that you see in the demo. All the Flash Live Video Instant Messenger, Flash Live Video Chat, Web Recorder and all the other premium features. This package is full of the exciting features that you want in a dating site.

Wazzum Premium Dating Software Plus Hosting - $399.00

This is a unique package in that it includes our Wazzum Dating Software 2.0 Premium Package plus 1 year of hosting. After the year of hosting is done then your monthly hosting will be $9 dollars.

The standard package doesn’t have any media possibilities and features. I doubt that anybody will need to have a dating site without such basic features nowadays.

Also there’s an option to buy a custom made design for your Wazzum driven web-site. The price of that service is 399 dollars (more expensive than the complete Premium Package?). Don’t completely understand what kind of design they will create if they charge more than for the software solution. They don’t have any portfolio of the designs, so I can’t tell anything regarding the quality of their designs. As for the default template design – I’ll talk about it later in this dating software review.


For this Wazzum review I'll be using Internet Explorer 6.0. If the site looks and works well in that version of browser, it will work good in all available browsers. Well. What I can say for the design. I’ll be honest. The design is based on standard shapes created with the standard tools of Adobe Photoshop:

All, completely all the items on this design are based on the standard shapes of Photoshop, no creativity at all. Seems it was drawn by a Photoshop novice:

The whole design is created using the tool shown with the arrow on the screen capture. What custom design would their designers create for almost 400 dollars if they have created such a design for their demo web-site which is the face of their company?

Now let's take a look at the top of the web-site:

What's this shown with an arrow? A gap? For what? Now let's see how that same part shows in FireFox:

The gap shown with the arrow is just a lack of the implementation by Wazzum team…

One more thing I want to pay your attention on in this dating software review, before we proceed:

This is the source code of the page:

We can see here a lot of marks regarding WordPress. BUT. Nowhere on the site is mentioned that the site is based on WordPress. Let me remind you that WordPress is a free CMS which is being distributed under GNU GPL. According to that document, you can freely use the software, any of their contents or modules, BUT you should leave the copyright marks intact. So, Wazzum has taken WordPress, removed all the brands which he hadn't a right to do and created his site and software on that solution, which, surely, is illegal. The prove of that is above and on all the pages of the web-site when you look at the source code.

Enough with this. I’m getting nervous because of such violations. Let’s proceed with this Wazzum review.


Let's see how the registration process works and what field it includes.

Bugs again? Not too many bugs for 2 pages we’ve viewed so far?

Let’s fill in the first Step questions and click on the “Continue to Step 2” button. Here I can see something which confuses me:

The year of birth MUST start with 19. No way to register if I was born, for example, in 2000, or 2001 (in both cases I would be more than 18 years old and had a right to register on such a web-site). This is confusing and I doubt that it was done on purpose. It is just not well done.

Completed the form, clicked on Register and got the following!

Jesus! And this is a solution which costs at least 199 bucks??? Any free solution like Joomla or Drupal will work and look much better!! I hate such bugs. How should the solution work when the demo DOES NOT WORK???

Though I got the above mentioned error, the registration went through. And I think – maybe it is a feature and not a bug? :)))))) Just kidding :)

OK, I'm logging in to show you this Wazzum dating software “solution”:

We see the same “professional” look. Created by the same Photoshop novice :)))) Now I doubt that somebody is paying money for this. Such designs were being used in the middle of 90-s, because it was not technically possibly to create anything better :)

Anyway. Don’t want to go further in this section of this dating software review. Everything is already clear.

Admin panel Here how the admin panel looks:

A pretty basic admin panel. The digits representing the amount of On-line users, Photos or Videos are not clickable. Would be better if they took you to the section where you would be able to see the uploaded videos, for example. The admin doesn’t have a section to edit the language, to edit the template. Nothing can be edited there. You can just manage the site and users, nothing else. A paid solution must have a better admin panel. The price of the custom design is 399 dollars and there MUST be a place in admin CP to give the owner of the site an opportunity to make some changes in the template, or create a new template. In this way Wazzum just makes the customers order an expensive custom design to be created by the Photoshop novice we were talking about above :)


Called the phone number on their web-site and there was nobody to pick up the phone. That’s a bad sign. Was calling on Monday, not a week-end. Who will be fixing your errors if there’s nobody to answer pre-sale inquiry calls?


The software doesn’t have too many features. There are just some basic features. The half of the features is not available in the 199 USD option, so you will need to get the 299 dollars package, if you want to get the video and audio upload features. The software has 1 default template and it seems that the template is created in half an hour using the standard shapes of Photoshop. The custom design costs too much and there is no gallery of already created designs so the customers can see what they can or will get. The support was not answering the phone call, the written e-mail is still non-answered, though already 3 hours have passed.

UPDATE: Just received a letter from Wazzum:

"You're an absolute moron if you think my software is wordpress. I don't know what agenda you have by saying that but it just shows that you are a complete moron.

I suggest you retract what you said or you will see a flood of legal actions against your ass. In America we have something called slander and I suggest that you get a clue to what you are talking about before I unleash a wrath upon you. I don't mind you picking my software apart but the minute you start accusing me of using wordpress as my core, the gloves will fucking come off. If you don't think I'm serious, try me. What you have done is wrong beyond all comprehension."

Well you can understand by yourselves what kind of company this is :-) As for Wordpress, all I see is pieces of their code in the script, so they should have concealed it better. In any case, the reviews are written by our visitors, and we never reveal their personalities. Democracy, you know :-D

UPDATE: Wazzum Blackmailing Scam Continues

Again I get letters from Wazzum:
I really suggest that you remove the Wordpress clone part of your post. Like I said, I don't mind you picking it apart but enough with the bullshit lies. There is NO part of wordpress in my software. You will NOT find any wordpress code in it at all. So, prove it or remove it. You have 1 week to remove it or you will hear from my attorney.

Well good for you if you removed the names from the code at last, but the review was not written by me and actually I am not interested in your problems with Wordpress. Please write your own review and stop blackmailing people :-D We have the screenshots uploaded, which were made with the demo of your "software". Some independent author will write a better review, you can do it yourself. Please make sure it will not contain any subjective material, only what can be proved with screenshots.
P.S. for calling the administrator of the resource an idiot, you will be permanently banned. Your comments written in such a tone have been deleted.

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Owner Update - Mutual Agreement | By: Durangod | Oct 20, 2009
After discussing the issue michael of wazzum had decided to reinstate my features and the other members as well and he is currently working on that, i expect to have that completed soon, im assuming he will be a trooper now and do the right thing for his customers.. Thanks
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