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Review on Mixer, AbleDating an... | By: puppy

This community software review will talk about the administration control panel of Mixer, AbleDating and AbleSpace. As you know, all those solutions are being created and marketed by ABK-Soft LTD and it is very logical that the Admin CP looks the same for all those 3 packages. However there are certain features there which although are available in the admin CP but are not used in the system itself. In other words – there's a control tool but there's no tool to control :) Don't think that it is a big problem, but you should be aware of it.

So, let's get started. For this community script review I'll be using the Mixer System Admin CP demo which is located over here:

password: test

At the above location we'll see the following screen where we'll have to put the password and click on the “LOGIN” button:

After logging in we'll see the following screen which contains a left panel with the navigation menus (submenus appear upon hovering) and the main section where the components will appear:

Well, here I can see shiny and intuitive icons for the menu sections. Let's examine each menu and its submenus and see what we can configure and how easy is that.


This is a button to take to Admin CP index. Doesn't have any submenus, doesn't even need to :)


The submenus are as follows:

Main Options
Site Options
Main page

Now let's examine the submenus.

Main Options

This section of AbleDating, AbleSpace and Mixer Admin CP is used for the very main options of the site. Those are Site Title, the e-mail address of the administrator, text on main page (used on AbleDating only), the password change section and the section to upload a custom logo (this option is available in Mixer Admin CP but the logo can be changed from here for AbleDating and AbleSpace only since in Mixer System the logo is a Flash one).
Site Options

The section is intended to manage all the options of the site including enabling and disabling the features of the site, setting up the amount to be received by the affiliates, etc. This is the main section where you’ll need to work after setting up the site.


In this section you’ll be able to update your database connection settings.

Main page (being used for AbleSpace only)

This section is being used in AbleSpace software. Basically here you'll be able to set a video to be shown on the homepage, set up the blog posts which should be shown on the homepage, etc.


This is the section to set up the images options. The first field here “Logo title” is the watermark on the pictures. If you change it to your own brand, the newly uploaded pictures will have be watermarked with your own brand. Cool feature in this community software, isn't it?

The rest of the fields here are for the size of the images and their quality.


In this section you’ll be able to manage your site templates – set them as active, delete them or edit in a code editor. Let’s examine the submenus:


So, here we can see 3 top menus – Main, Partner and Admin. What does this mean? The section “Main” contains the templates of the site itself, the front-end, the one users see. The “Partner” section contains the templates for the Affiliate section (this section is not available in AbleSpace) and the “Admin” section contains the templates of the admin CP. The most important part here is the “Main” section as the site owners don’t usually care how good the admin CP looks to change it or create a new template. So, in the menu “Main” we see the Mixer template which has 2 links – Active (means that it is the current template) and Edit (after clicking you’ll see the template files and a code editor). There is not a “Delete” link there since the template Mixer is the only one in the system. If you delete that template, the site will not work. Pretty cool that the developers from ABK-Soft have considered such a situation and tried to avoid it.

Edit current

In this section on the left column we can see the list of the files in the template folder and in the center there's a code editor. If you want to edit a particular file, you'll need to click on that file from the list on the left and will see its contents in the edit box. Pretty comfortable to edit the site, though you'll need HTML/CSS knowledge.

Let's go on with this community script review.


This is the section in the admin CP of Mixer, AbleDating and AbleSpace to manage the languages.


Here we see the list of the languages available in the package. The language can be chosen by the user of the site if admin wants so (makes the appropriate setting in Options section of the admin panel). Also the admin can set the default language, which will appear for all the new users on the site. In this section you can set a language as the default one, Edit the language file directly in admin CP and delete the language. Also you can create a new language which will be created on the base of English which you'll need to translate into the language you intend to create.

Now let's see how we can edit the language files and translate them into different languages. Let's click on the Edit button for the default language, for example:

Here we see a similar to the Templates section two column view. In the left column there is the list of the files which contain different words to be used on the site. When you click on a particular page, the form in the center will load the words from that particular file letting you translate the words. You'll just need put the translated word into the appropriate field on the right and then click on the “Modify” button. Also there's an option to delete some unneeded words or add new words.


This is a big menu with 9 submenus. Actually such a section must be big in big sites as you'll need somewhere to manage the users from. Let's get started with this menu.


Here's the place to manage the users of your AbleDating, AbleSpace or Mixer driven web-site. Pretty useful feature for a community or a dating site software. The headers (Username, Password, Type, etc.) are clickable and will sort the list by the chosen field. Find your needed user, click on Edit and will see the data of that user to edit, like it is shown on the screen capture below:

As you can see, here you have access to all the information and can change anything or simply delete the user, if needed.


In this section you can search for a user or a group of users by a set of search rules. Pretty useful feature for a big sites with a lot of users.

Photo approval, Video approval, Audio approval, Essay approval

The following 4 submenus are intended to approve or delete uploaded photos, videos, audio files or essays. If you wish, you can chose all the above listed materials to be approved by the administrator first to be shown on the web-site. That setting should be adjusted in the Options section. Here how those sections look:

If a material is not against your site's Terms and Conditions, you can check the radio button Add and click on the “Modify” button in the bottom. Then the photo will appear on the site. Otherwise just check the “Delete” radio button and click “Modify”. That's all.

The other sections look similar and I'll not be discussing them in this Mixer review.

Table fields

In this section you can edit the existing table fields which are being filled at the registration, the orientation types and add new table fields. The whole process is pretty easy and even a newbie will be able to manage it out.


In this section you can add any word or phrase or symbol which you want to be deleted from the Essays written by the users. This is a useful tool if you wish not to approve the essays manually.


The section contains the templates of the letters which are being set automatically, upon some actions done by the users on the web-site, expiry of the membership, etc.

Here you'll need to click on the name of the Auto-mail template from the list on the left and edit the text. After that will have to click on the “Edit” button to save the settings.

Mass mail

Here's the section where you will be able to manage your Mass mail settings and the Mass mail text, then actually send the letter to the chosen users.


Here you can manage the users in your mailing list, create a new list, upload a text file with the users you should send the letter to, etc.


Here you'll be able to write down the letter you want to send to the users and actually chose the group of the users you want to send the letter to.


That's the section to manage the banners on the web-site. Here you have full control over the banners. Can upload new banners, set destination URL-s, places the banners should appear, etc.


This is the administration section of the forum. Here you can create new sections, forums, manage the posts and the users. Though this same administration section will appear if you enter the Forum section of the site while logged in as admin from the same PC.

Flash chat

In this section you’ll be able to create new rooms for your Flash chat and also manage the Bans.


In this section of the admin CP of AbleDating, AbleSpace and Mixer the admin can see and answer the letters which were sent by the site users and the affiliates. Those are the letters which are being sent using the contact form on the web-site. The letters are not being sent to admin’s e-mail address, but are being stored here.

Help pages

In this section you’ll be able to manage the help articles, create new articles, edit or delete the existing ones.


This is the section to manage the affiliates on your web-site (Affiliates are not available in AbleSpace software). In this section you can manage the banners which are available for the Affiliates, update the information on the Partner section of the web-site, and manage the Affiliates, see how much they’ve earned, etc.

Info and News

This is the section to manage the news on the web-site, add or edit news, manage the categories.


Heh. Actually this is the most important part of the admin CP. Everybody wants to earn on such a dating or community site. So, let's examine the submenus for this community script review.

Payment systems

So, here wе have 2 payment systems – PayPal and GoldPay. Everybody knows PayPal. As for GoldPay. I've searched in the Internet and found their web-site in Italian zone – www.goldpay.it. So you'll need to know Italian to be able to use it. In this section we can enable or disable the payment system, etc.

Payment plans

For default there are 3 membership types in the system – Platinum, Gold and Silver. In this very section you can configure the membership types' prices and timeframes. Also there's a link above which I want to mention in this Mixer review.

Access to areas

In this section you can configure the membership types, set the features available for each membership type. Like a guy from ABK-Soft support team told, in this section, if a feature is checked under 1 certain membership type, that feature will be available for that membership type users only. And if a feature is unchecked under all three membership types, that feature will be available for the free users.

Video approval

In this section you can approve or delete the video files uploaded to the Videos section of the site (the one above was for the videos uploaded to the Vids section). Also in that section you can make videos Featured (appear under the appropriate section on the homepage of AbleSpace).


This is the section to manage the Groups created by the users of the site.


This is the section to manage the Ads created by the users of the site.


This is the section to manage the Events created by the users of the site. Here you can edit the events or completely delete them.


One of the most important sections of admin CP for the users which are moving to AbleDating, AbleSpace or Mixer from Dolphin or phpFox. If you have an existing web-site based on those solutions and simply want to move to one of the solutions created by ABK-Soft, you’ll be able to easily migrate your existing database to the new site. So, your user data will not be lost. Pretty nice.

Well. This is the end of this community script review. Here we saw a decent administration panel with which you’ll be able to fully manage your AbleDating, AbleSpace or Mixer driven web-site.


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