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rSitez Review | By: JackReviewer

rSitez is one of the best social networking platforms available. The product is similar to facebook or myspace with the latest social networking features, easy to use, and has excellent support. License type/pricing rsitez provides unlimited storage/bandwidth for most plans. The product price range from $29/mo to $99/mo, which is one of the lowest priced in the industry. There are no setup fees. This information can be found at http://www.rsitez.com/pricing.html Look/Layout The software comes with an Admin section. The admin (customer) can select from dozens of themes, select backgrounds, design the site homepage, add logos and banners, configure the site in a variety of ways. The admin for the site use these tools to design the look, colors, feel of the site. This is a link to some rsitez client sites http://www.rsitez.com/clients.html Screenshots Here are screenshots of the admin panel and user interface http://www.rsitez.com/demos.html#6 Features The following is a link to the features that comes with the platform, including IM, Classifieds, Video, Photos, personal profiles and dozens more. http://www.rsitez.com/adminfeatures.html Customizations In addition to features that can be customized from the Admin panel, rsitez also offers the ability to create unique features for each site. It's the only company that does this. http://www.rsitez.com/customization.html Monetization Customers can also make money with the site via advertising, membership fees, online stores and a variety of other ways. http://www.rsitez.com/monetization.html Support rSitez offer 24 hour email support and helpdesk. The company phone number can be found on every page on their websitehttp://www.rsitez.com/. phone support is during business hours. A knowledgebase is available to customers to help with virtually any questions. The company has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. I give it an A+ All this information and other facts about the company can be found at www.rsitez.com

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